Astrological Insights for Aries / April


March 20 – April 20

Ruling Planets: Mars

Energy: Cardinal

Element: Fire

Symbol: The Ram

Strength: Dynamic drive, Warrior nature

Spirit: Assertive, Daring, Courageous, Honorable

Keywords: Challenge, Adventure, Control, Competition

Soul message: “I am”

A Few Words about Aries

The zodiac begins with Aries. The sun’s dynamic energy is untamed there, and Mars, your celestial ruler, propels you out of the starting gate at a dead run. Never give up! Never give in! That’s your motto. Courageous, daring, aggressive, and fiery, you, dear Aries, are always driving forward in confident expectation of winning. You are action-central. You’ve got the will to begin, the courage to breakthrough, and the daring to rampage forward, no matter the odds. The symbol for Aries is the Ram, and you’re just as forthright as your glyph suggests. If you can control your impulsiveness and the belief that your way is the only way, you can ride your fiery energy and pioneering spirit into a spectacularly successful life and career. While you like to risk, you’re seldom irrational, and your practical, positive nature will not be put off by obstacles. If something doesn’t work, you just roll up your sleeves and fix it (or drive right over it). Hannibal’s famous motto, “We will find a way or make one,” is exactly your attitude about life.

You Thrive on Challenge

The Universe has to hit you over the head with a mallet to discourage you as you thrive on an obstacle course, seeing each new contrary situation as both a challenge and an opportunity to win. Patience is what you have least of, but you know that already. You want results and you want them now. Quick to act in any emergency, quick to make decisions without flinching, and always available to lead, your alert, inquiring mind is one of the finest in the zodiac. Just be aware that it can sometimes make you distractible and unwilling to stick with anything that has lost your immediate interest. Isn’t it a pain that what the Universe wants you to learn is usually just what you like least? But, you’re hardwired to succeed, so even learning patience is something you’re game to do.

Mars, your fiery ruler, is the God of War, the essence of dynamic action, and the key source of sexuality in the zodiac. He makes you highly competitive and a natural born leader, whether it’s an army, a corporation, or a Garden Club you’ve decided to lead to victory. Not only are you a sexual dynamo and a force to be contended with, but when you make up your mind to win, the first three rows better stand back, because you’re coming through.

Aries this April

A powerful, exciting New Moon on the 5th should inspire you to follow your dreams with renewed conviction. Jupiter in Sagittarius is opening doorways to exciting new trails and encouraging you to take the risk of seeing where the trails lead. Near the 19th and 20th, some of the restrictions and obstacles that have been driving you bonkers will begin to slip away, so don’t let your fears rule you. On March 27, Mars, your ruler may make you feel hard-pressed, but he moves fast and this bump in the road is temporary.

Your brain is bursting with ideas, but your feet still feel somewhat mired in sludge. Record all your great ideas this month, so, when the sludge relents, you can spring into action. Much is percolating. You were born heroic, and this is a moment when profound changes are trying to break free for you.

Best days: 4, 5 Challenging days: 17, 18, 27

April Insights for the Rest of the Zodiac


April 21 to May 21

You may still be reeling from a shakeup of some kind that recently rocked you. Stress can be high as you struggle for clear answers that seem so elusive. Your usual financial sangfroid isn’t there right now, and that’s not easy for you to fathom. Be sure your financial associates (and you yourself) are operating with pure intentions. Opportunities will surface and clarity will come but maybe not this month. Uranus is daring you to break down everything that defines you and start over. If you examine your life honestly, determined to keep only what has true value, you’ll be on the right path. Some daring changes you’ve been thinking about might be moving you toward a significantly improved future.

Best days: 6, 7, 8 Challenging days: 19, 20


May 22 to June 21

You are ready to forge forward this month, and opportunity is knocking impatiently. A new project or idea that’s been warming in the wings may surface shortly; you’re ready for it but should wait until after the 17th to take action. Meantime, check all the details so you can act decisively when the time comes. A word to the wise: You can experience crossed signals this month quite easily in personal and professional relationships. Aggressive Mars is making you feistier than usual, and you may not realize that you’re more quarrelsome than you need to be. You can accomplish quite a lot right now but you may have to wait for May to see the results of your labors.

Best days: 9, 10 Challenging days: 21, 22, 23


June 22 to July 22

Now for the good news! The wild, unruly craziness of too-much-work-stress-and-tension is subsiding enough this month, so you can breathe again. April is a respite from the relentless pressure, so you can accomplish quite a lot and get your self-confidence back! A gorgeous New Moon at the Zenith of your solar chart means you can launch new plans. Others may disagree with you, but during the last 10 days of this month, you (and they!) will see you were right. Keep your thoughts private now…don’t let others discourage you. You can finally get what you want and deserve…just don’t let your everyday responsibilities hold you down. Better days are coming!

Best days: 1, 2, 6, 7, 11, 12 Challenging days: 9, 10 24, 25


July 23 to August 23

Remember to play well with others this month, dear Leo. You can redefine your creativity and balance the needs of the group you’re working with; you needn’t sacrifice one for the other. Visiting other cultures can be inspiring right now and Mars is nudging you to explore new possibilities with gusto. Your soul wants to reach out beyond the niceties that so often constrain you. Don’t agree to do too much for others this month; it may not be handleable. Old connections will bring new opportunities, but be sure they don’t also trap you in the things you really want to leave behind. You need a vacation! Your decision-making genes need some time off to recalibrate.

Best days: 13, 14 Challenging days: 26, 27, 28


August 24 to September 23

Your energy may take a hit this month, but hang in there. You’re on the brink of a whole new adventure that should turn out to be quite wonderful! Jupiter is boosting your good fortune, especially about property. Don’t listen to naysayers on the 27th and don’t be disturbed by their negative behavior, either. You’re on a roll. A home-related project might be an excellent way to support your sense of safety and comfort. Allow yourself to feel some relief from the pressures of the past few months and be happy your relationship issues are gone and harmony is restored.

Best days: 15, 16 Challenging days: 1, 2, 3, 29, 30


September 24 to October 23

Jupiter in Sagittarius this month is widening your view of the world and inspiring you to make new plans that have the potential to be even more auspicious than you dreamed. Financial opportunities are on the horizon, and you’ll feel like having fun again. If you inject this playfulness into a partnership and banish inhibiting habits and thought-forms, you can both free yourself and enjoy the change. Words are important in this process, so write down your thoughts and feelings to find clarity. You may be surprised when you read them next month and see just how much you learned about yourself this month!

Best days: 17, 18 Challenging days: 4, 5


October 24 to November 22

Your wealth management should be reviewed and, perhaps, adjusted. This month, you can manifest what you value most; it’s like a new superpower. Your work will be demanding, and there may be an important facet of some project that could be overlooked until the last minute. Yes, you will save the day, but it’s prudent to check all details this month so nothing escapes your gaze. Try not to let your relationships grind you down in April; you have enough on your plate without having to struggle on that front. Besides, mid-month, there’s a nice change in your romance sphere, and Uranus may cause others to surprise you with pleasantly unexpected behavior.

Best days: 9, 20 Challenging days: 6, 7, 8


November 22 to December 22

You should fine tune your finances a bit in April, but, other than that, this month is sunny and bright as Venus helps you enjoy life to the max. With Mars in Gemini, people may make demands of you, but you don’t have to leap into action to save everybody! Be judicious so you don’t squander your attentions. Friends and associates may just need to vent and kvetch in your sunshiny presence, so try to hold your own and not become a martyr to other people’s issues. Self-examination is in order alongside putting the brakes on self-indulgence as it is too easy to add in too many desserts this month. Live and let live is a good mantra for April.

Best days: 21, 22, 23 Challenging days: 9, 10


December 23 to January 20

You feel stuck in neutral, right? You won’t really get a move on until May, so you may have to stop struggling and just accept the idea that a lot of your stress will be relieved next month and right now patience is called for. Stop beating yourself up for not being able to move your projects along faster, and let it all happen in its own good time. Please know that there is a good chance to improve your salary or financial interests significantly this month if you stay alert on that front. You’ll be making some personal changes soon and entering a period of greater harmony that’s well worth waiting for.

Best days: 24, 25 Challenging days: 11, 12


January 21 to February 19

Plant seeds. Launch plans. Stop just exploring options. Make a choice now and focus all your efforts on that. Your creative plans and your socializing acumen can take you far this month. Jupiter is changing direction, and Mars is boosting your social appeal, all of which can be a big help; someone hidden may have been getting in the way of your progress, and this month’s heavenly spotlight will let you see that person clearly. The outcome may be better than you expect.

Best days: 26, 27, 28 Challenging days: 13, 14


February 20 to March 20

Make your dream your Number 1 priority this month. You’re such a splendid dreamer that doing so should be really morale-boosting! You may feel on the brink of taking a big risk, so you’re finding ways to distract yourself (such a human and Piscean thing to do to protect your soft heart!). This is a year for putting solid foundations under your dreams so they become reality. Both Venus and Mercury are in your birth sign now, so you have great powers of persuasion and great charm to bring to the party of life. There may be someone you work with who is trying to bring you down a peg or who asks you to help at the expense of doing your own job, so be alert and a bit wary in the workplace, knowing that your own vision is the important one to protect and spend your energy on right now.

Best Days: April 1,2,3,29,30 Challenging Days: April 15, 16



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