Astrological Insights for Capricorn / January


 December 23 – January 20


Ruling Planet:                   Saturn


Energy:                             Cardinal


Element:                           Earth


Symbol:                           The Goat


Strength:                         Determination, success, responsibility, wealth


Spirit:                              Practical accomplishment


Keywords:                      Structure, accumulation


Soul message:               “I use, so that I may learn”





December 23 to January 20


January 12 is a big day, my dear Capricorn.  A relationship could begin or shift gears as Saturn and Pluto are determined to redesign your life for the better.  But to get there you must head into the New Year with candor and verve.  Your sex drive is high and your drive into the future is in high gear, too.  When the New Moon hits on the 24th, you may be pleasantly surprised by some new and unexpected money streams emerging.  You’re busier than anybody and happy about it.  Just release any unhealthy connections to the past and you’ll have a great month, with a great year following on its heels.


Best days:  22, 23                        Challenging days:  9, 30






January 21 to February 19


Revamp it all this month – rearrange the furniture, change your daily routine, alter your attitudes and your workflow.  Surprise yourself by letting that craving for freedom flow freely for a change.  I know you want stability, too, and may worry yourself about all this change, but by the 20th you’ll be thrilled you had the courage to move outside the box.  The New Moon on the 20th is really where your newest year begins, so forge ahead and enjoy the sense of freedom to try new things.  The pressure will be off soon and you may end up with a lovely and surprising adventure. You can expect pretty clear sailing through Spring and Simmer 2020.


Best days:  24, 25, 26                   Challenging days:  11, 12







February 20 to March 20


A lunar eclipse in your fame sector will turn on the spotlights in your birthday month!  A fan club may emerge as your team-building abilities and kind nature help you stay in the bright lights and even enjoy it!   Venus arrives on the 13th and your personal magnetism expands and lures people in, but you feel midway between practical and la la land ethereal, so try to stay in the middle of those two emotions  and you’ll do just fine.  This is a month to be very good to yourself, expect others to be good to you, too, and you may be surprised at what a happy birthday month it turns out to be. The year follows suit and by Fall some of your best dreams may have become a reality.


Best days:  1, 27, 28                     Challenging days:  13, 14





March 21 to April 20


Your future can be reshaped in 2020!  Pluto transforms and Saturn pushes you toward success as all this is happening in your career sector!  Sometime around the 12th, a very rare event could boost your financial future big-time.  A woman or women can be quite helpful near the eclipse on the 10th and you have a chance to delegate some of the responsibilities that have been burdensome after the 20th, so 2020 will be off to a super start.  You have the energy now to get ahead of the curve as you banish old fears and confusions and are able to find both clarity of purpose and a way to travel quite a new and better path.


Best days:  23, 29, 30, 31         Challenging days:  15, 16, 17







April 21 to May 21


Uranus, Pluto and Saturn(all powerhouse lanets!) will nudge you into shifting some gears in lifestyle and perception (even though your usual groundedness isn’t sure that’s a great idea!)  You may find some bumps in the relationships road, especially about finances in the first half of the month, but Venus zooms in to help you smooth the way again, so that the  happy home you love and need can settle into quietude, but only if you use your diplomatic powers rather than your bull-like ones to fix any kerfuffles.  Shifting perspective makes a big difference and keeping clear lines of communication is a must.


Best days:  4, 5, 6                        Challenging days:  18, 19






May 22 – June 21


Fiery Mars is in your partnership sector after the 3rd, so there’s heat happening that needs to be both honored and controlled so it doesn’t scorch, just sizzles a bit.  Near the 10th you may see some financial quick profit that inspires a longer-term venture that can be lucrative.  Around the 20th, you may need to travel a little as the Aquarius Sun in your Travel house wants you to take the show on the road. Someone special is nearby  so don’t let anyone derail your romantic dreams and spirit this year.


Best days:  7, 8                       Challenging days:  20, 21







June 22 to July 22


You feel so nostalgic it’s hard to shake the past right now but you’ll feel better once you do.  Now’s the time to live in the NOW and the FUTURE, where dreams can come true and you can put solid foundations under them.  A big event comes on the 10th … as the  Lunar eclipse boosts you upward, both personally and professionally.  You’ll be redefining roles of relationships,  adjusting as you do so, so that you both can shine.   Near the 24th New Moon  you may be ready to make a formal deal or partnership of some kind.  Your star is definitely glowing now, and your fortunes are ascending…, so don’t write anyone off, just figure out how to make the best for you both when any partnering is considered.  You may have to hold a rival at bay until June but after that it is clear sailing for 2020 (a Master Number year!).


Best days:  9, 10                          Challenging days:  22, 23







July 23 to August 24


Your sixth house is powered up through the 20th, so a career change or new approach could freshen your outlook on work considerably.  Mars heats up relationships after the 3rd and the sun nudges you toward commitment or contract signing after the 20th.  The 24th could bring partnership and if you adjust your attitude so your flame can burn brightly, letting go of old worn-out parts of your routine, this could turn out to be a hot-stuff month for you! Opt for a healthier lifestyle and keep an eye out for romance, and this year may bring you some lovely surprises.


Best:  11, 12                                Challenging:  24, 25, 26





August 24 to September 23


You simply can’t duck the spotlight in January!  You are on display by the planets and you’e looking great.  The lunar eclipse on the 10th makes you an influencer, on the 12th a rare Saturn-Pluto connection could make you a star.  After the 20th you can return to normal life, get organized, put your New Year’s resolutions into effect and see the bigger picture as you make good things continue to happen.  Don’t fret over your needs for perfection and by Fall you may see cash flowing smoothly so you have a perfect right to feel like you’re in clover!


Best days: 13, 14                     Challenging days:  1, 27, 28





September 24 to October 2e


Career growth this month, plus a boost to leadership on the 10th can carve out a new and unique path for you to follow.  Family mishigas may mash things up a bit on the 12th but that’s what Pluto-Saturn aspects tend to do as they upend things that need upending, so new ideas and opportunities can sprout.  Just avoid overreacting or pushing back too hard and it will all work out.  You may feel very battered from pillar to post by work and people’s expectations but there will be fresh air blowing in before the end of the month, so you can breathe deeply again and enjoy a sweet Spring. 


Best days:  15, 16, 17                   Challenging days:  2, 3, 29, 30







October 24 – November 22


Put all surplus energy into achieving your heart’s desire while the wind is at your back!  Opportunities are available but you must hustle to take advantage of them.  Big news is coming on the 10th and romance perks up on the 13th, so don’t miss any chances for good things to happen to you this month.  Stay alert, be willing to leap and you may be astounded by what’s possible for you as ghosts of the past are banished and a spike in finances occurs. 


Best days:  18, 19                        Challenging days:  4, 5, 6






November 22 – December 21


Wow, my fiery friend!  Mars bursts into your sign on the 3rd and ups the flame under your ambition and motivation for a hugely successful 2020!  Just remember, with Saturn, Pluto and Uranus are all keeping an eye on your exchequer, so be sure to have a sound budget and a bit of backup before you splurge on any big stuff.  On the 10th, both business and pleasures are boosted happily by the lunar eclipse.  Romance is giving you newfound confidence in yourself and it will pay dividends by the end of 2020, so make the most of your talents and the romantic parts of your nature to live life to the fullest. You may have to relinquish some control, but it will be worth it.


Best days:  20, 21                        Challenging days:  7, 8



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