Astrological Insights for 
Gemini / June

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May 22 – June 21


Ruling Planets: Mercury

Energy: Mutable

Element: Air

Symbol:The Twins

Strength: Intelligence, Quick Wit and Tongue, Curious, Inventive

Spirit: Mercurial, Dual-Nature, Capricious, Versatile

Keywords: Communicator, Clever, Liberal Mind, Constantly Stimulated 

Soul message: “I Think”


Who Is Gemini?

You’ve got star quality, Gemini. You’re smart, witty, sexy, and full of verve. You spot what’s hot before the world does and zip right out to get it without undue deliberation or soul-searching.

You are as airy as the wind: changeable, adaptable, brilliant, always on the move…impossible to catch hold of, even with a net.

Your duality expresses itself in a million capricious ways; you zing from thought to thought, concept to concept, and person to person with a dizzying facility that dazzles the world around you. The only downside is that this doesn’t exactly provide you or others with a sense of stability or fidelity.

People flock to your irreverent wit and charmingly unself-conscious self-confidence. Your ability to adapt to whatever surprises life tosses into the ring makes you resilient, bouncy, and endlessly re-inventive of self. One door slams, you blithely open another with a sure sense that some fun opportunity lies waiting behind it that you might not have found otherwise. No crying over spilled opportunity for you…just on to the next with a keen sense of expectation.


Your quicksilver tongue and confident charm make you the ideal companion. Add to that your quick-witted intellect, and you’ve got a blueprint for career success, especially if that career is in the sphere of communication. Words, ideas, advertising, promotion, books, teaching, broadcasting, and the arts are all your métier alongside any job of mercurial nature requiring instantaneous responsiveness.

Mercury, your brilliant, quixotic, and fleet-footed ruler in the zodiac was the messenger of the Gods. In astrology, he governs the mind, nervous system, and all means of communication.

Mercury-driven, you are mega-restless and won’t tolerate boredom. You tend toward being high-strung and can deplete your reserves by running in several directions at once, shot-gunning instead of rifling whatever’s in your sights. That’s all because of the curiosity that drives you and your duality that makes seeing both sides of everything seem perfectly normal.  “Do I contradict myself?” said Walt Whitman. “Very well  I contradict myself.  I am large. I contain multitudes.”  So do you, my Gemini friend.

Gemini This Month

You may feel someone took the script away this month, as there are many roads open to you and no clear guidance about which way to go. Your attention is more divided, distracted, and interrupted than usual and you’re uncomfortable with all that. But, not to worry…

These delays are really opportunities. It’s seed-planting time! Your patience is being tested as plans rise and fall and rise again. It’s a challenge, yet solutions arise from your creativity-well that may surprise even you.

Just try to be aware that your temper is shorter than usual and your words can be sharper than you intend them to be. The temptation to overspend is real, too. So, this is a month to be self-aware, prudent, and thoughtful in your interactions with others as so many look to you for guidance and direction.

At work, the full moon on the 17th can give you the upper hand at work, so make the most of that.

Best Days:  2, 3, 30          Challenging Days: 15, 16, 17


June Insights for the Rest of the Zodiac



June 22 to July 22

Uh-oh! Count to 10 this month before you speak, my dear Cancerian. Internal pressure is pushing your buttons, and you need to find a better outlet than biting off heads! You want and need to speak your truth; just do it as mindfully and gently as possible as people expect your nurturance and forbearance and can be hurt when it isn’t forthcoming. You don’t want to disappoint; you’re just looking for the space to be YOU. You’re working so hard (it is necessary now and will pay off later), but the challenge is to find ways to be kind and generous to yourself while all this is going on.  You tend to worry about other people’s expectations and don’t leave much space for breathing deeply. Meditation, yoga, Qi Gong, or even 5 minutes a day can be powerful and liberating. Only you can give yourself this release.

Best Days: 4, 5, 6                   Challenging Days: 18, 19



July 23 to August 23

You’re on your way to a new beginning that hasn’t quite revealed itself. You have a longing to escape into real adventures but don’t quite know how to do that yet. Just don’t do it by spending wildly, as that route won’t help matters. You can shine brightly, speak eloquently, and add sparkle to any meeting, party, or gathering; go for that part of your personality that shines brightest when on center stage! Enjoy yourself fully, while you’re at it, and know that you are bringing others pleasure as well as yourself. You haven’t felt this social and hedonistic in a while. This month, only good will come of having fun with friends and potential ones.

Best Days: 7, 8                        Challenging Days: 20, 21



August 24 to September 23

Great new paths to the future you want are opening up this month. You are ready for many of the great advances you have earned. Just don’t let insecurities or tensions in the home undermine you. Trust yourself because you deserve to be trusted. You’re in a very powerful shift right now, so remember to think before you speak. Your feelings can be more susceptible to hurt than usual this month; try not to retaliate if you get miffed or misunderstood. Instead, find ways to nurture yourself to compensate. Just set your intentions for your career firmly and let the Universe figure out how to deliver what you need and want. The winds are at your back and will direct you to where you need and want to be.

Best Days: 9, 10                                 Challenging Days:  22, 23, 24



September 24 to October 23

Being true to YOU is important right now. You’ve been taking care of everybody else for a while and need some self-nurturing to compensate and shore up. You could use a vocation, if possible, or at least a staycation to replenish the well. You may be looking for joy and feeling guilty about having that need! Don’t feel apologetic; think of it as a way to honor the self. The depth and breadth of the shift you’re feeling is profound, and you are inviting introspection in a new way that’s a bit unsettling but for the better. It’s all happening just as it should, and you’ll feel very much better next month when the sun comes out again and you feel quite reborn.

Best Days: 11, 12                   Challenging days: 25, 26



October 24 to November 22

Summer will uplift your spirits! You feel alive and joyous, as if the stuff that has had you bogged down for a while has been removed and is no longer overwhelming you. You’re still torn by desire, mind you, but that’s just normal you. It’s what drives you and powers your engine. But, if you’re feeling a deep calling or yearning right now, don’t fight it. You are in a period of gestation toward a fresh start with new vistas and new opportunities. No big decisions are required now, just watch the desires grow and follow where they lead.

This is a month to take it a bit easy, my friend. Try to ignore the small stuff so you can let yourself feel a summertime desire for a vacation. I know it isn’t in your usual game-plan to hit the road when there’s work to be done, but, this summer, it might be the best gift you could give yourself! 

Best Days: 13, 14                       Challenging days: 1, 27, 28, 29



November 22 to December 22

You’re a bit contrary right now, aren’t you, my usually merry friend? Feeling a bit at odds with those you’re usually sympathetic with. Maybe you feel everybody is making judgment calls about your life, beliefs, or path and feel backed into a corner. You could be right about busybodies poking at you right now, sooooo…

Take action, walk away, tell them to stop, or just ignore all the advice you didn’t ask for, whichever comes easiest. You may not feel you have a lot of oomph right now, so if you can manage to slip off for a journey to R&R, please do it. If not, prioritize the people in your life and work; then, put your best efforts into the ones who count most until your energy revs up enough to help everybody.  BTW, June 17 puts your best skills in the spotlight, so get ready for your close-up.

Best Days:  15, 16, 17                  Challenging days: 2, 3, 30



December 23 to January 20

Mars is your red hot nudge this month, revving you up in love, sex, and relationship. Around the 17th, you can release someone or something you feel has been holding you back, so you can breathe a sigh of relief. With Venus in your wellness zone, you can also use this month to get fit and fab.

You’re probably searching for clarity about career right now because you may feel nobody’s listening to your perfectly fine ideas. If you can stay consistent, not frustrated and angry, you might be able to bring a goal to fruition despite the lethargic ones who aren’t paying attention. You can’t control everything even if you want to, so this might be a good month to give yourself a rest from trying to run the world. (Even though the world might be better off if you did run it!)

Best Days:  18, 19                       Challenging days: 4, 5, 6



January 21 to February 19

You’re feeling generous and more gregarious than usual, a sweet and uplifting sensation. Mars is pumping you up on many levels and giving you the urge to get fit. Imagine that! Near the 17th, a career connection could make things interesting with good timing, because just about then you’ll be wanting some new fun and reward in your life. You can fast-track an idea, but don’t be too frustrated if high level stalling puts the brakes on it; this is only temporary. Try to be patient (I know it’s hard); things will work out better if you don’t push. It’s okay for you to be happy and hopeful, even if the people around you are cranky. You’ve earned some pure, unadulterated joy!  

Best Days: 20, 21                       Challenging days: 7, 8



February 20 to March 20

OMG! You have oodles of self-confidence for a change! It’s well-deserved, by the way. You’re raring to go and all looks rosy…until some obstacles appear. The key is not to panic. Take a breath.  Find solutions (you’re good at that). You simply need to tweak and tinker a bit and you’ll be fine. The ideas have been slowed, not halted.

Your big challenge is not to walk away from your dreams just because life gets a little tough. You’ve done that before (confrontation isn’t your long-suit and you sometimes lose out by not fighting for yourself), and that isn’t okay now! You truly deserve the spotlight, reward, and recognition. Something inside you will shift this month so you’re able to stand your ground and fight for yourself in a winning way. The 17th could bring a real career boost and with Mars in your love zone, some significant other may appear or one you know may just become more significant!

Best Days: 22, 23, 24                  Challenging days: 9, 10 



March 21 to April 20

If your get up and go got up and went, fear not! The fire in your belly will return but maybe not so much this month. You’ve been micromanaging the world, working your heart out, and using your usual dynamism on every front. But maybe you don’t feel the oomph to do all that this month. Please don’t let that make you blue; it’s only temporary. 

After the 21st, the Sun and Mars, your rulers, will combine to rev you up for home projects you’ll enjoy and for your love life (which you always enjoy!). Celebrate this month wherever and whenever you can; good things will come from working in tandem with others and letting yourself off the hook for having to keep the world spinning all by yourself. You’re allowed to take some down-time, my dear Aries. Even God rested on the 7th day!

Best Days: 25, 26                   Challenging days: 11, 12 



April 21 to May 21

Lovey-dovey Venus is making you romantic and creative, but, after the 8th, you’ll feel more like getting down to business (also back on budget!). The Full Moon on the 17th could seal a deal or shine the spotlight on you. After the 21st, your social calendar will be full or bursting. You have so much to give to others and they sense that; wit, compassion, and understanding are gifts you give freely.

You’re trying to get used to all the chaos and change that’s happening all around you and the world but finding it hard. The good news is that the same reservoir that gives the gift of comfort and insight to others, can supply it to you, too!

So why not just enjoy June and make the most of a month that’s meant to be the gateway to summer fun.

Best Days: 1, 27, 28, 29              Challenging days:  13, 14

What more do the stars have to say about you?


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