Astrological Insights for Leo / August

by Cathy Cash-Spellman


June 23 – August 22


Ruling Planets:                    Sun

Energy:                                  Fixed

Element:                               Fire

Symbol:                                 The Lion

Strength:                               Loyalty, power, aristocracy

Spirit:                                      Benevolent, fun, loving, charismatic

Keywords:                            Kingly, courtly, powerful, radiant, leader

Soul message:                    “I rule”


This Month for Leo

Your birthday month may feel like a lovely fairytale this year, dear Leo – energized by Mars and Venus, there are opportunities to be even more creative and flamboyant than usual.  You’ll be feeling playful and sun-drenched, aglow in the light of Summer and your charismatic optimism, as your natural magnetism is enhanced.  And you’re right to feel all that!  Just one caveat, my Leo friend – if your inclination is to buck authority, don’t do it now!  Wait and see how things play out in the next month or two and you’ll be glad you had patience to wait.  Things are moving behind the scenes and you’ll see the results by Fall.  As a matter of fact, a fresh income stream may appear by the 30th.

You’re feeling and looking luminous and people are noticing big changes in you, as the issues of the past few months evaporate and your sense of the magic in your life soars once again.  Just try not to over-do it about absolutely everything!  You have time now for both the spotlight and for enjoying the ride at your kingly leisure.  Just let the summer’s good times flow in over you and you’ll feel resuscitated and rejuvenated by Labor Day.

            Best days:  1, 28, 29                             Challenging days:  13, 14, 15




August 24 to September 23

Your dance card is full of old friends and new ones now. While it’s probably not a good idea to fall in love right now, you can certainly enjoy being in heavy-duty “like” this summer.  You do feel more romantic than usual, after all.  There’s fire in your heart and soul as well as a desire to be desired, even if you’re not sure what to do about all that at the moment.  Big shifts at a deep level are taking place within you, and your need for perfection is crumbing a little as you find yourself on a surprising new path to openness and vulnerability.  Try not fighting it… you may be stunned to learn that this new path can make you happier than all that structure and organization you’ve been working toward so diligently.

Best:  2, 3, 30, 31                         Challenging:  16, 17, 18




September 24 to October 23

Check your finances, dear Libra, especially if you’ve been relying on someone else’s income to help out a bit.  But not to worry, because new doors are opening and new ideas are kicking in.  This may also be time to redefine what love means to you and you can actually re-experience love in a whole new way by asking yourself this:  if your heart were a blank canvas right now, what would you paint on it?  If you had a magic wand what would you ask of it?  Don’t find fault with your past choices, don’t analyze and find flaws – this is a moment to honor your past as the pathway to who and what you have become now.  The New Moon on the 30th will usher in a time when you’ll begin to experience all the better options life is offering you for the foreseeable future.

Best days: 4, 5                        Challenging days:  19, 20




October 24 to November 22

If a relationship feels baffling this August, my friend, try not to fret or brood about it.  Try to be a little patient and the Universe may surprise you by showing you quite clearly the direction it wants you to take now.  You never do anything (or feel anything) halfheartedly, so take pride in your hard-won successes for the moment and know that with Mars to give your drive a big boost, you can be the star of whatever you decide to tackle right now.  Or you can simply pull the strings of things from behind the scenes and watch with satisfaction as the world does exactly what you had in mind.  Your ninth house may have you dreaming of far off places, or actually heading out to find them – one way or the other, whether you travel physically or in your Higher Mind, new vistas are in store for you and they are good ones.

 Best days:  4, 5                            Challenging days: 19, 20





November 22 to December 22

Life lightens up for you my friend, once the Sun moves into Leo on the 23rd.  You’ll feel the clouds have parted and let the light back into your world again.  Irrepressible you has once again proven that nothing can keep you down for long!  You may even find yourself in love with love again this August – and I guarantee you’ll be in love with fun!  Just don’t spread yourself too thin as you pull out the stops on playfulness.  Remember, you’re much like the Pied Piper, hard to resist and such a treat to follow that the world will be clamoring to not only follow in your footsteps but help you celebrate the journey.  Jupiter is going to kickstart some projects that have been dragging their feet for four months, so enjoy the fun before the next surge begins.

Best days:  9, 10                          Challenging days:  23, 24, 25




December 23 to January 20

Your sense of self-worth that may have taken a few hits over the past few months but August should change all that!  You may feel drawn to take up a new hobby or express yourself in a whole new way, as new energies roll in to replenish the well of self.  Because you’re usually so pragmatic, it isn’t easy for you to assess the emotional changes you feel in the wind.  But you’ll feel empowered and grounded  this month by an Earth Grand Trine, so expect to feel more in touch with yourself than you’ve been since winter, and be ready for something fresh and invigorating to enter your life before the month of August is out.  New job, new client, new love?  All three?  Whatever newness comes your way, enjoy it to the max.  Financial rewards and love?  What a great month!

Best days:  11,1 2                        Challenging days:  26, 27




January 21 to February 19

You can really manifest your dreams this month, my dear Aquarius, and you’re an excellent dreamer!  Just don’t get dragged down if some family drama occurs – remember, it’s only temporary, and you don’t want to miss the lovely opportunities that are likely to appear on your doorstep right about now.  You’ll feel like the center of attraction in August and you may even pull off a coup at work by saving a dicey situation.  An abundance of light, love and laughter are just around the corner and your sense of gratitude for all that’s good and true in your life will bring you a large measure of soul-satisfaction as the month progresses.  It might also bring new love after the 11th, so stay alert!

Best days:  13, 14, 15                   Challenging days:  1, 28, 29



February 20 to March 20

Your inclination is to mull over the past, dear Pisces – savoring the great times and feeling blue about the parts that didn’t turn out as you’d hoped.  This month, please don’t get stuck in that quagmire because every single memory helped make you the remarkably empathic and generous human being you have become!  Besides, you have a certain shine about you these days.  You can wrap up big work projects and you’ll be applauded, as you deserve to be.  The work may be intense, insane or inane, but every bit of it is leading you to where you want and need to be for the year to come.

So take heart and know that you are a rare bird and people around you can clearly see the beauty of your plumage this month.  Fear not if some obligations fall away after the 15th – new and better use of your time awaits you after the 18th.

Best days:  16, 17, 18                   Challenging days:  2, 3, 30, 31




March 21 to April 20

Mars adds oomph to your leadership abilities this month, dear Aries, and that’s right up your alley!  You may find yourself moving in a new direction, as things begin to heat up and look up.  The new approach you’re taking is a really good one, so listen to your instincts and let yourself really believe you won’t have to do it all yourself, as the year progresses, help is already there and more on the way.  You want to be in the driver’s seat and that’s where you belong, but it’s okay to recognize that life is finally moving ahead because of all the legwork you’ve already done, so you can let yourself feel relieved and happy – maybe you can even begin to believe in magic again!  The back burner is heating up after the 18th and you’ll feel your ruler Mars shift into productive Virgo after the 18th  and it will add significantly to your oomph.

Best days:  19, 20                    Challenging days:  4, 5



April 21 to May 21

Thanks to Mercury Retrograde, old friends and even old flames could turn up at your pool party this August!  Your entrepreneurial spirit may also be called into play because you feel a need to check up on the state of your finances.  While minor concern over money might make you feel out of sorts and a little grumpy, it’s really only common sense in these dicey times and you’re practical at heart so listen to your instincts.  But do not fear, as there’s a Grand Trine in Earth coming to you this month and that will help ground you and make you want to truly love life again to the fullest.  My advice to you for August, dear Taurus, is to make a stubborn determination to make every moment count, as the wind is filling your sails now and you won’t want to waste a minute.  After the 23rd Venus and Mars in your 5th House may stir up love and also encourage others to admire your glow.

Best days:  21, 22                        Challenging days:  6, 7, 8




May 22 – Jun 21

For the 1st ten days of August you’ll probably feel really anxious to get going and somewhat  frustrated that there are obstacles holding you back.  However, this will only lead to a renewed sense of purpose and optimism.  You may be surprised to find new love or renewed love and you’ll feel like a whirlwind of creativity after Jupiter goes direct on the 11th.  Best news!  You’ll keep that up for the rest of this year, so why worry yourself over a week or two of inactivity?  If you’re game to practice a little patience, a possible new path will be revealed and you’ll feel well in charge of your destiny once again.

Best days:  23, 24, 25               Challenging days:  9, 10



June 22 to July 22

Your visionary powers are spectacular this month, dear Crab.  You’ve been inside your shell, soul-searching, and are now ready to reenter the world and take it on!  Your optimism is founded in reality as you suddenly see clearly how courageous and confident you can be when you want to be.

You may be torn financially between wanting to stay safe with what you have, and knowing you must aspire, in order to open wealth’s floodgates, so I admonish you to think abundance this month at every turn in the road.  You may be stunned at how easily you manifest your dreams now. 

You feel expansive and hopeful and have every right to – just don’t let envious naysayers rain on your parade!  You deserve every bit of good news this month holds in store.

Best days:  26, 27                        Challenging days:  11, 12



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