Astrological Insights for Libra / October

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September 24 – October 23

Ruling Planet:                      Venus

Energy:                                 Cardinal

Element:                               Air

Symbol:                                 The Scales

Strength:                               Harmony, Refinement, Physical Beauty

Spirit:                                    Positive, Peacemaker, Masculine

Keywords:                            Cooperative, intelligent, excellent mediator

Soul message:                    “I balance”


Libra this October

Make love not war, this month, my dear Libran!  You’re ruled by Venus, so you’re always good at the love part – its just that this month you’re feistier than usual and can easily feel like picking a fight you wouldn’t ordinarily contemplate.  If you succumb to the urge, you’ll feel better for a minute, then regret what the aftermath of it brings to your usually peaceful doorstep.

To restore your equilibrium, you’d be best off taking a deep breath and a step back, so you can realize you are the one who can fix things by being mellow and prudent.  If you acknowledge your own insecurities right now, you’ll see that whatever is overwhelming you and making you feel cranky is not nearly as big or scary as it first appeared.  This is simply a nudge from the Universe to value yourself enough to know what it is you really desire in life and to go after it.  By the way, don’t rely on anyone’s opinion but your own, right now.  This is a time for you to see yourself clearly and prosper because of what you see.

            Best days:  26, 27                                 Challenging days:  12, 13, 14



October 24 to November 22

You may be feeling more emotional than usual, my Scorpio friend, and you’re very prone to deep self-analysis – even more than usual and that’s saying a lot!  But it’s all to the good because your powers of assessment are in high gear this month and the answers you’ll find will most likely be quite valuable ones.  You are at the threshold of a big shift, both in consciousness and in the world around you.  This is a chance to ditch what no longer works for your heart or your lifestyle.  So if you find yourself trapped in rigid expectations, this may be a wonderful chance to break free and make the choices you’ve wanted to make for a long time.

Best days:  1, 28, 29                     Challenging days: 15, 16



November 22 to December 22

You may be pleasantly surprised this month by a financial upturn or windfall.  You’re lucky right now, my Sagittarian friend, so feel free to breathe a sigh or two of relief.  You’re probably feeling even more playful than usual and that’s okay, too – it’s one of the great gifts of your Star Sign.  But if you should hear of underhanded things going on in your work environment or home life, it would be best to steer clear of any controversy.  Don’t get embroiled in gossip or in fixing things for others, as this is an excellent time to concentrate on enjoying what’s good in your own life.  Staying silent about some of the odder things going on around you would be a very sensible course of action right now.

Best days:  2, 3, 4, 30, 31              Challenging days:  17, 18



December 23 to January 20

Diplomacy and self-confidence are called for at work this month, and you have a gift for both.  Don’t remain in the background, but don’t be pushy either – this is a time to make sure you’re getting the credit you deserve by stating your case unemotionally and professionally.  The truth is on your side, my Capricorn friend, so you just have to present it all in an unemotional way in order to get what you want.  Hystrionics are not necessary or advisable.  Just shine the light on all you accomplish on a daily basis.  The wind is at your back and the chickens are coming home to roost.

Best days:  5, 6                           Challenging days:  19, 20



January 21 to February 19

You can alter your professional trajectory now by networking beyond your usual methods and inclinations.  Very influential people will be available to you for the next month, so indulge your over-achiever genes by using all your skills, talents and charm to shine your own spotlight on all you are capable of doing well.  This isn’t about ego, Aquarius dear, it’s about your superb intellectual abilities that are to everyone’s benefit.  You may not always feel good about tooting your own horn, but this is a month when finding new ways to showcase your abilities to new people, will bring excellent dividends.

Best days:  7, 8, 9                        Challenging days:  21, 22, 23



February 20 to March 20

You need a vacation, dear Pisces!  A respite from the fray and the hard work and the worrying you’re so good at.  Some genuine breathing room can change everything for the better.  Things won’t go exactly as you planned them (do they ever?) but the outcome will be good if you manage to avoid anger and direct conflict as a result of the fatigue and frustration you may have been feeling for a while.  You can regenerate and rejuvenate right now, so grab that chance by the horns and don’t panic or overthink everything!  You can be exhausted and excited at the same time, so take advantage of putting yourself in a whole new environment and then go with the flow!  You may be astounded by how well that works out for you.  

Best days:  10, 11                        Challenging days:  24, 25



March 21 to April 20

The key this month is not to push things to extremes without looking at possible consequences.  Pressure from all over the place may have you feeling testy and there’s an urge to force things and push limits that just goes with the Martian energy of being on Aries.   But that’s not the way to go right now.  Now’s the time to listen to people, to your body, to your relationships.  It’s time to watch out for extravagance with money, time or energy – you need to slow down, not speed up, in order to get to your goals by the fastest route!  Both new pathways and old ones need to blend now in order to reach your goals and if you’re running too hot and too fast it may be hard to see where these connections can intersect in your best interests.

Best days:  12, 13, 14               Challenging days:  26, 27



April 21 to May 21

If some surprising revelations catch you by surprise, may I suggest you respond by being extra good to yourself this month, not by taking on everybody else’s burdens.  Hibernate, read uplifting books, get a massage… whatever makes you feel better is the way to go right now.  And this month, it wouldn’t hurt to jettison the things or people that are dragging you down.  You deserve a break and only you can give you permission to take it!.

An awesome idea with a financial upside may be proposed to you this month –even if it sounds a little crazy, don’t dismiss until you’ve explored it further as there may be a way to make it work really well for you.

Best days:  15, 16                        Challenging days:  1, 28, 29



May 22 – Jun 21

If you feel there’s a little choo-choo train running round and round in your brain, don’t be surprised.  You’ve been over-thinking everything and your brain clearly wants a rest.  The changes you feel happening are good ones but you’re used to being able to think yourself into and out of everything, yet this time, following instincts and just going with what the Universe has in mind for you, is really what’s called for more than the strategy and tactics you’re so good at.  Try spending time with friends and loved ones, and let this distraction soothe your overworked psyche, so you can relax a bit and go with the flow.

Best days:  17, 18                    Challenging days:  2, 3, 4, 30, 31



June 22 to July 22

Try to stay in the present, not the nostalgic past, this month.  I know this is not an easy task for Cancerians!  You’ve been overworked and over-stressed for months, but I promise you, now you can take a breather.  All those unresolved issues are being resolved or disappearing without your conscious efforts right now.  Your self-confidence will get a big boost from this as you suddenly have access to a great deal of what you truly want in your career that has seemed blocked for a very long while.  Protect your money when it comes, my Cancerian friend, and don’t forget what you’ve learned recently about relationships.  In short, breathe a sigh of relief, but stay alert and focused – it will pay off bigtime.

Best days:  19, 20                        Challenging days:  5, 6



July 23 to August 24

You may have been faced with obstacle after obstacle not of your making over the past few months, my Leo friend… not a happy position for a king or queenly person to be in!  You long to feel warm and fuzzy and at the top of  your game, but life has not been cooperating!  Don’t read too much into it – this is all just temporary.  But do try to hold your temper which has been frayed by all this frustration.  Take a break if you can… next year will bring the rewards you were expecting and working toward this year, so breathe, believe and wait as patiently as you can for a genuine change in the weather!

Best:  21, 22, 23                           Challenging:  7, 8, 9



August 24 to September 23

You’ve probably been self-doubting and you have probably been working hard without the expected rewards you so richly deserve.  After this final push of a month, things will begin to move forward again, so take heart!  Career, success and money are humming along and don’t really need micromanaging at the moment as they have in the recent past.  You can take a rest from other people’s burdens, too.  You’re establishing a new framework for how to live your life in a gentler way, so tell those you love you’re still available to them, but you’re just taking a small break from carrying everybody’s burdens in the same old way.  They’ll still love you, but they may give you a little more room for taking care of your own needs.

Best days: 24, 25                     Challenging days:  10, 11


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