Astrological Insights for Sagittarius / December


November 23 – December 22


Ruling Planet:                      Jupiter

Energy:                                Mutable

Element:                              Fire

Symbol:                               The Centaur Archer 

Strength:                              Honor, courage, and laughter

Spirit:                                   Optimistic, adventurous, independent from risk-taking

Keywords:                            Exploration, aspiration 

Soul message:                    "I see."


 Sagittarius this December

You may be aware of BIG changes in your world this December. Having juggled financial or career question marks for a while, matters will now feel on more of an even keel. You'll have plenty to attend to in January as The Solar Eclipse of December 26 clears your head about where to direct your efforts in the New Year. You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to accomplish something of magnitude in 2020, and you may have to take a leap of faith to do it. Still, the odds are with you for success, and all the challenges you've faced in 2019 have caused you to grow strong enough to move into 2020, able to make wise moves.

Romance is in the air for you next year, too, and by the end of 2020, you'll be astounded by how much more confidence you have in yourself and your dreams! 

Best days: 22, 23, 24, 25                   Challenging days: 10, 11, 12



December 23 to January 20

You are at peak performance kicking butt this December and busier than anybody you know. This year was an eye-opener, so you're seeing quite clearly now, and your relationships are benefitting from this clarity. The personal year-end review you always give yourself is positive and upbeat, even when you scrutinize it seriously, so please feel free to enjoy the holidays and all you've accomplished in 2019. Just be a little gentle on those around you, who are having a hard time keeping up with your many accomplishments. As to 2020, someone will buoy your spirits, helping get the year off to a happy start. Watch your fitness in the Spring, enjoy many shared adventures in the summer, and you may end up in the newest year with lots to celebrate. 

Best days: 26, 27                       Challenging days: 13, 14



January 21 to February 19

Be a little careful with your snappishness this month as chances are, people may be inclined to snap back! You've been putting more energy and effort into some arrangement or relationship than you're getting back, but to fix that inequity, you'll need to exercise a bit of diplomacy. If you'd like some loved ones to pitch in and help you more on the homefront, try being straightforward and asking them for help. Badgering them will have the opposite effect to what you want to achieve and explaining what you'd like them to understand may surprise you with its effectiveness.

Looking into 2020, you should have smooth sailing heading into Spring, perhaps a few career issues may arise in summer, but then you've got a great Fall to look forward to, full of spot-on choices. 

Best days: 12, 28, 29                  Challenging days: 15, 16



February 20 to March 20

Build on all you've started in 2019… you may have accomplished even more than you know. In January, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity seems to be heading your way, and my advice is to seize it! Just remember in your enthusiasm for what's going on, to reassure those you care about that it won't make you abandon them. You may find this is an incredible opportunity, and even if it feels as if it comes with some constraints or restrictions, the odds are it's going to pay off big time!

Romance may beckon in the Summer of 2020, and once you've dealt with some minor health concerns in February, you should have a quite remarkable year to look forward to as 2020 unfolds. Next Fall appears to let you bring some dreams to fruition… winter should have you feeling like a star, and you may contact the beginnings of all this glory in December 2019.

Best days: 3, 4, 5, 30, 31             Challenging days: 17, 18



March 21 to April 20

The money woes that may have been plaguing you recently will be alleviated after December 22, so you'll be able to focus on your plans and dreams again. Jupiter, the most benevolent planet in the cosmos, arrives on January 2 and stays in your career sector all year long. You'll be burning the midnight oil, but it will be well worth it. This coming year looks like it's a time to go for the gold! 

This December still may feel a little pinched, but those restrictive energies are moving out, and new and better ones are moving in as Jupiter brings blessings and expansion.

A new year to look forward to: the odds are excellent that by next December's solar eclipse, you should have quite a lot to celebrate.

Best days: 6, 7                      Challenging days: 19, 20



April 21 to May 21

Fearless Mars impacts you in your relationship house in December and can light a fire in your home life! Just make sure you use these dynamic energies to solidify relationships, not send them up in flames. You may be traveling in 2020, and you'll probably have a chance to make a bold money-move around the 12th. You should feel pleased with yourself this month as you assess your year. Let's just say there'll be no need to crowdfund your next great idea, as you'll be able to pull it off, all by yourself!

As to 2020: Plans that appear to have foundered will reactivate in March, so don't give up the ship! By mid-May, you can triumph if you keep communications clear. Don't let anyone undermine your romantic or career efforts next Fall, and you should end the year feeling 2020 was a real favorite! 

Best days: 8, 9                           Challenging days: 21, 22



May 22 – June 21

Unchartered waters in the Romance realm this month! You may decide to dive in because Jupiter is in your bonding-zone on the 2nd, and you're in a particularly lovey-dovey mood. Venus will boost your creativity for the holidays, and you should feel in fine fettle throughout... just be sure to check out anything that seems too good to be right with a sensible friend, and you'll probably enjoy a decidedly lovely Christmas month.

You can expect to have plenty of innovative ideas in the Spring and Summer of 2020… don't let anyone or anything rain on your parade. This will be a year to believe in yourself, especially in the latter part of the Newest Year. There are good things ahead for you, so let yourself enjoy the good times that are on the horizon.

Best days: 10, 11, 12              Challenging days: 23, 24, 25



June 22 to July 22

You're a pushover for holidays and will probably enjoy yourself through the Christmas Season. A neglected relationship may surface and need to be dealt with early in the New Year, and you may also find yourself reconnecting with trustworthy friends. During 2020, to come, odds are you'll succeed in a partnership that will be better than you dreamed because a complimentary spirit will turn out to be a big help.

Just be aware: this December is a paradoxical month with no way to make sense of it, so don't even bother to try – December is just consistently inconsistent! But don't worry about it because the New Year will have you making choices that include yourself in the list of people you are good too – this is not a time for getting lost in self-sacrifice or babysitting because there are good times and rewards on the horizon. 

Love dominates in 2020, but you may need to hold a rival at bay until late June. However, you'll be able to capitalize on all your resources in September of the coming year.

Best days: 13, 14                       Challenging days: 26, 27



July 23 to August 24 

Steely strength and determination are yours in 2020, dear Leo, so hang in until you get there! 

You've restored your capacity to believe in yourself, and that's enormously important. Let someone who's been there for you know how very much you appreciate the support they've given you. If you stay focused and remember most things don't go right the first time, you'll feel less frustrated and see that 2019 was a year when perseverance counted and could sometimes bring with it lovely surprises. 

You may have transportation issues to cope with in the Spring, but nothing will prevent you from your goals in 2020. Your summer will be social, and your December is a winner for creativity. I think you're going to like the coming year.

Best: 15, 16                               Challenging: 1, 2, 28, 29



August 24 to September 23

Be a romantic escapist this month, dear Virgo, just don't break the bank while you're throwing caution to the winds. Good prospects are headed your way. Your "good enough" is most people's "excellent," so feel free to pat yourself on the head and move forward into a new year enthusiastically, knowing you'll feel comfortable and at ease in January and well into 2020.

That said, you may have to stand your ground early in the year because not everyone will cheer for the superb creativity you'll be exhibiting. If there are mixed messages you're receiving, don't fret over them, as they're temporary. In 2020, you'll find the support you've given to others just may benefit you in a very substantial way. 

Best days: 17, 18                    Challenging days: 3, 4, 5, 30, 31



September 24 to October 23

Feeling a bit claustrophobic, Libra, dear. You can definitely change that by making some of the changes you long for, just as long as you're sure you are moving toward your goals, not just away from annoyance and discomfort. There's an advantageous deal coming your way in January, so feel free to act then on a financial opportunity that can be quite beneficial. In the meantime, lay back and enjoy the holidays.

You may encounter some home and family pressures in early 2020, but after the first quarter, things will most likely take a big turn for the better, and by summer, you'll be flourishing. An important new someone may enter your life before 2020 ends, so stay alert to possibilities as you head into the New Year.

Best days: 19, 20                       Challenging days: 6, 7



October 24 – November 22

Stay calm when people who know very little, drive you mad by pushing their unwanted views on you! It's time to move forward, and you'll have to work very diligently at your goals for a while, but the results will be worth it in 2020. When Jupiter arrives in your friendship sector this holiday season, you may want to deck the halls, and just be at your passionate best – there are good things and people awaiting you over the holidays.

Looking to the New Year: in 2020, you may have to overcome some challenges in the first quarter, but summer is utterly dreamy and memorable. Surprise friends come to you before this newest year grows old, so hang in there and expect that 2020 has great things in store for you. 

Best days: 21, 22                       Challenging days: 8, 9


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