Astrological Insights for Scorpio / November


October 24 – November 22


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Ruling Planet:                      Mars and Pluto

Energy:                                Fixed

Element:                              Water

Symbol:                               The Scorpion

Strength:                             Passion, power, intuition

Spirit:                                  Cannot be deflected from its purpose

Keywords:                           Mysterious, feminine dynamic, regenerative

Soul message:                    “I create.”


Scorpio this November

You’re dying to express yourself this month, I know, dear Scorpio, but you might be surprised at how your enthusiastic message is received unless you’re very gentle in the way you put your thoughts forward.  You’re just so happy in your skin that your exuberance might be seen as ego (which it’s not!)… it’s more like forthright joy at being able to finally say what’s been on your mind.  It’s just that so much is happening that’s super good right now, your spirited appraisal of everything may stun your friends and loved ones who have grown used to your brooding.  This is one of those moments in time when you ‘ll probably feel that God’s in His/Her Heaven and all’s right with the world, so don’t worry so much about what the on-lookers think!

My advice is to enjoy it all to the max because you’ve finally ditched the fear that the best days are behind you, and you’ve permitted yourself to believe the best is yet to be! 

            Best days:  24, 25                                Challenging days:  11, 12



November 22 to December 22

One day you’re a party animal, the next day you’re Greta  Garbo wanting to be alone!  Honor both feelings this month… they’re authentic and necessary right now.  You already know you can be the life of any party, there’s never been any question about that… so relax and enjoy your contemplative desire to be alone with your thoughts for a little while.  Those thoughts can be quite profound right now, so you won’t want to miss any of them.

You get a kick out of adventure, not drama, and last month you probably had your fill of that, so this month you can just chill out and do what feels good on any given day... sometimes, the Universe just decides to provide you with some extra breathing room, and this is one of those times.

Best days:  26, 27                        Challenging days:  13, 14



December 23 to January 20

Focus your attention on rebranding yourself as a visionary this month!  You know you deserve that, but you also know that people sometimes mistake those problem-solving kindnesses that you lavish on all close to you, as boringly responsible, and so they take you for granted.  The truth is,  you’re quite creative in your efforts to help everybody out…  you tend to see the big picture that others often miss, and you pretty much always offer help to those who ask it of you.

Be good to yourself this month!  You’re balancing your hidden sensitivity with your desire to be more open to new experiences right now, and you need time to let that all percolate.  Your fire in the belly is still burning bright, but all that you hope to accomplish won’t be done in a single day, so lavish some of that legendary kindness on you, for a change. 

Best days:  12, 28, 29, 30              Challenging days:  15, 16, 17



January 21 to February 19

You’re the belle of the ball this month, so why not let that fact happily distract you from the mundane and the boring.  I know the next few weeks will feel hectic, and you’d love to ignore 50% of the social and business matters that are deluging you, and you may want to pull up the covers and let the social whirl right pass you.  However, I’m duty-bound to tell you that if you climb into a shell right now, some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities may come your way this month that you really should take advantage of.   Please don’t let your networking skills lie dormant this, of all months, even though it’s not your favorite skill!  And do your best to enjoy all the hoopla, too… it can e lots of fun to be the center of attention.

Best days:  3, 4, 5                        Challenging days:  18, 19



February 20 to March 20

You feel rested and invigorated this month, dear Pisces. And a great many things are finally going your way!  You’re feeling happy to be making significant changes in the way you live your life, and the surprising number of new doorways opening up in front of you will give you a sense of real satisfaction if you let them.

You’ve earned the right to all this, my friend, so please don’t let the worry-wart part of your nature start to feel guilty about all the goodies.

Great career and/or personal moments may come out of the blue…and your most significant question mark may be where to put your best energies first.  You’re redefining a vital relationship or two and are finding the courage to say what you want, not just acquiesce to others’ needs and desires.  Don’t worry!  This time you’ll be heard and respected. 

Best days:  6, 7                            Challenging days:  20, 21



March 21 to April 20

You feel a little mellow now, and that’s a good thing (you need a bit of a rest) – that is, until the 19th of November when Mars moves into Scorpio, and you take off like a shot.  No more hesitation, you’re in the game with both feet, so look before you leap, but leaping could work out very well for you if you’ve done the requisite legwork beforehand. You’ve worked hard and long to make significant changes in your work life, and this may be just the moment for the changes to come into focus or fruition.

You’re in the mood for fun, adventure, and success – don’t try to do it all by yourself.  A cornucopia of ideas and inspiration is waiting to transform your life and offer you a new world to master, but this may be a time when listening to a friend or counselor, or doing this with someone else could help get the show on the road

Best days:  8, 9, 10                  Challenging days:  22, 23



April 21 to May 21

If you feel as if you’d like to run away from home – or at least from obligations and other peoples’ needs – you’re right on target with your stars.  You’re rethinking relationships and your own beliefs about relationship, and that’s not at all a comfortable place to be in. It is, however, the prelude to some beautiful clarity about how to rework your life, so it gives you more genuine pleasure.

You may also be conflicted about money matters and what to share with whom.  Your questions are perfectly reasonable and necessary, so stick to your resolve and know that all this discomfort is part of a powerful focus that you need to resolve these issues well.  This, too, shall pass, and you’ll be grateful you paid such close attention.

Best days:  11, 12                        Challenging days:  24, 25



May 22 – Jun 21

You’re in a period of transformation.  Adventure and opportunity are all around you.  You can enjoy your partnerships in both pleasure and business right now and notice that those you love have your back in a stable way you may not have recognized before.

Truth is you’re creating a whole new beginning for yourself after the curveballs of 2019 – and the result will be well worth the wait and the unaccustomed questions you’ve had to answer about yourself and your life path this past year.  You are navigating a new road, which is always a little nervous-making because it’s unknown, but the new opportunities and insights you’ll be finding along that road will make it all worthwhile.

Best days:  13, 14                    Challenging days:  26, 27



June 22 to July 22

It’s just life, not crisis should be your mantra this volatile month, my friend.  You begin the month thinking that everything has finally fallen into place, but then realize that things are still not as gentle and generous as you’d hoped.  Try not to be too discombobulated by this disappointing paradox.  You need space right now to assess all that’s happened this fractious year and to get ready for the realization that you now can and should ask for what you need from people.  If you dare to do that, you may be stunned to find that you get what you ask for.  Recognize that what you think of as fear is a real passion for the future you have dreamed and that you deserve!  Hang in there, my Cancerian friend. Good things are coming your way.

Best days:  15, 16, 17                   Challenging days:  12, 28, 29, 30



July 23 to August 24

You’re looking for soul nourishment this month and a more accurate understanding of what your life is based on.  If you feel wrung out, it’s because the external world with all its duties and obligations have made you wary of the long struggle to understand yourself and the world around you.  You need to retreat into yourself and your relationships for a while… I need to ask for what you want and need.  But to do that, you need to take a deep dive into your psyche, leave your Leo pride behind so you can ask those you love to show that they love you back.

In the meantime, you need to be kind to yourself this month as you wait for your closest relationships to be kind to you, too.

Best:  18, 19                                Challenging:  3, 4, 5



August 24 to September 23

You’ve embarked on profound personal change in 2019.  You need to feel new and improved to show all that soul search was worthwhile!  Try to be especially clear in your communications now because you’re more used to relying on details rather than just following your heart.  Perhaps following your heart feels undisciplined to your usual nature, but right now, it’s a big part of growing yourself into who you want to be.

Take a look at your recent life journey and try to get a clear sense of what is truly nourishing and nurturing.  But please don’t be nitpicky – this isn’t about being a cosmic critic. It’s about looking at the bigger picture for clues to what you need for a happy, prosperous future.  The process is meant to help you gain valuable awareness… you may not like the feeling, but I’m pretty sure you’ll love the results. 

Best days: 20, 21                     Challenging days:  6, 7



September 24 to October 2e

You feel you can leap tall buildings!  Your optimism and energy are as high as the sky.  Yet you also feel a wee bit off and can’t figure out why.  As if something is a little topsy-turvy, and you’re not sure what. If I’m right about this, here’s a tiny bit of advice that’s sure to make you feel better:  Stop trying to figure it out!  It’s time to let go of the fear factor and focus on moving ahead to new vistas.  You’re in a liberating transformation, and you deserve to pat yourself on the head for all you’ve accomplished. It’s just that this transformation is causing you to see things through a new lens, and you’re not quite used to that yet.

Just try to use all this exuberance wisely… this is not the time to go on a shopping spree go on a spending spree … but it is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and the knowledge that you’re finally on a better path to making things happen your way.


Best days:  22, 23                        Challenging days:  8, 9, 10


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