Astrological Insights for Cancer / July

by Cathy Cash Spellman


June 21 – July 23


Ruling Planets: Venus

Energy: Cardinal

Element: Water

Symbol: The Crab

Strength: Loving, maternal, steadfast, enduring

Spirit: Nurturing, emotional, intuitive, magical

Keywords: Intuitive wisdom, incurable romantic, lover of beauty 

Soul message: “I feel”


Who Is a Cancerian?

As a Child of the Moon you are Cardinal Water… the most nurturing, naturally intuitive and sensual sign of the zodiac.   Ruled by the Moon, did you know you’re the most female and intrinsically sensual sign of the Zodiac? Your symbol, the Crab, connotes your vulnerable interior that often retreats into a protective shell in order to withstand the slings and arrows of a prickly world not made for such soft hearts.

You long for love like water in the Sahara, and once you’ve found it you’ll create the softest, prettiest, sweetest home to house it, even if you have to make it all up out of your romantic fantasies, imbuing those you love with generous helpings of fairy dust, rather than reality.  Romantic to the marrow, you long to keep everyone you care about fed, warm, safe and happy (whether they want you to or not). Trouble is, you set yourself a nearly impossible task, for life seldom allows domestic tranquility to be the order of business for very long, and living happily ever after, as you dream it, only happens in fairy tales.

Psychic Sponge

There are two kinds of Cancerians – some shy and unwilling to take center stage, some dying to plug in that spotlight.  Whichever you are, you share a common gift with your sibling-crabs. You absorb the subtleties of everyone in your immediate vicinity like a psychic blotter.  This can be useful as you can be brilliant in any business that turns on intuiting trends ahead of time, or that revolves around romance or the home. Cancer’s natural need for security prompts some serious business savvy and a willingness to work your tail off in order to climb the ladder, not out of avarice, but out of a visceral need to have the wherewithal to create a beautiful, safe nest.

This Month for Cancerians

You deserve a summer break, my dear Cancerian.  You’ve worked yourself into a frenzy this spring and, hallelujah, this is the month the tide begins to turn and the goodies you’ve been working toward start flowing your way.  Finally!

But first, a small respite is needed to refresh and restore you to your usual buoyant self.  This is a month when you must remember to pamper yourself… to assess the state of the body, mind and spirit (each of which has been pressed to the limit in the past few months) and realize that a bit of self-care and self-awareness now can keep you healthy and strong enough to enjoy the fruits of your labors through the balance of 2019.  If you don’t listen to your body’s needs right now, you may have reason to regret it later, so why not slow down a little and smell the roses. After all, you love roses, don’t you?

Best days:  2, 3, 29, 30 Challenging days:  15, 16


June Insights for the Rest of the Zodiac



July 23 to August 23

Feeling a bit feistier than usual, my Leo friend?  Feeling like showing off your Lion-King side in a mouthy sort of way?  I’m happy to tell you to go for it! Let your opinions be heard loud and clear – now’s the time for that.  You’ve been taking care of duties and obligations – not your favorite kingly task, but now your superb hunches, intuitions, and plain old ordinary gut instincts can and should be used to your own advantage.  The Solar Eclipse on July 2 and the Lunar Eclipse on July 16 may be a test to see if you remember how to do that in royal fashion, but trust me, your choices now will only add to your glow, so go ahead and roar and then let your instincts soar!

Best days:  4, 5, 31 Challenging days:  17, 18, 19



August 24 to September 23

Believe it not, this is a month for nourishing yourself by nourishing others!  A month to tap your Inner Foodie – take a cooking class, invite friends over to enjoy your burst of enthusiasm for nourishing yourself and your friends.  Think of this urge to feed people as a metaphor for life right now! You’ve learned so much you want to share, and this is a month when you can do a whole lot of good by doing just that!  You’re redefining both your worldview and your view of yourself, so as you shift your own template, remember to build in time to be good to you and to those around you.  When you care for yourself, you’re keeping yourself strong and vibrant enough to share generously with others and that’s the kind of public service that warms your heart.  

Best:  6, 7 Challenging:  20, 21



September 24 to October 23

It’s hard to hold your tongue this month, my dear Libra, so be aware that your incisive observations of those around you can cut a little too deep for comfort.  Feelings can get hurt when you didn’t mean to do that. You may have to remind yourself to be gentle (usually that comes so easily to you!) and to consider how powerful your opinion is to others.

You feel buoyant and spontaneous right now, don’t you?  Ready for fun and playfulness and that’s exactly as it should be.  You can reach beyond your comfort zone and come up ahead of the game.  This month’s two eclipses (Solar Eclipse July 2nd, Lunar Eclipse July 16) can help you break with old, outworn patterns and embrace both growth and emotional satisfaction.  Release yourself from the coulds, woulds and shoulds and seize the day.  Or better yet, seize all the days, as that kind of freedom is available to you now.

Best days:  8, 9 Challenging days:  22, 23, 24




October 24 to November 22

Drama is in the wind this month, fluttering all around your mysterious self, but you don’t have to sit still in the middle of it, my friend – you can extricate yourself from the sturm und drang by concentrating on something you love and using it as a distraction!  Investigate a subject you’re riveted by… immerse yourself in genealogy and family history… fly by the seat of your pants into something you’ve wanted to do for a long, long time… whatever floats your boat will do, in order to get you out of the hub-bub of other people’s drama.

It might also help to admit that you feel like shaking things up right now, like a kid in the candy store, you’d like to grab a fistful of what you want most.  Truth is, this is a month when that kind of enthusiasm can recharge your batteries bigtime, and help you accelerate the shift you’ve been going through all year.  Enjoy the adventure – this is the month to walk on the wild side.


Best days:  10, 11 Challenging days:  25, 26



November 22 to December 22

You may be feeling a bit Vesuvian at the moment, dear Sagittarius – about to implode or explode as if your internal pressure cooker needs an immediate release or it will pop!

Here’s what’s up:  Your emotional reality is a subject you don’t usually like to dwell on, so you tend to let off steam by having fun and keeping busy.  You know how you do it: work, sports, shopping, playing with pals – it’s all good, but this month it may not be enough. It would really behoove you to find someone to talk to about your deeper feelings… a wise councilor or dear friend could help you open up some hidden vaults that need clearing and airing out.  It could also help you feel you don’t always have to solve everything alone. You mean well towards the world, so this month, finding someone who means well toward you, and talk something out.  It could give you a well-deserved break.

Best days:  12, 13, 14 Challenging days:  1, 27, 28




December 23 to January 20

Feeling unexpectedly emotional, my usually steady-as-a-rock friend?  Maybe even a bit weepy or overly sensitive? Fear not! You’re just busy integrating parts of you that usually tend to get ignored or tucked under the rug.  This month, the people you know and love – even people you don’t love – may become the triggers for this outflowing of your softer emotional self and it can feel disconcerting to you because you’re so good at being everybody else’s rock, so it feels to you like a show of weakness.  Actually, this is a marvelous strength and a beneficial month for you. The emotions seeping to the surface have been wanting attention for a long while – they’re just seeking acknowledgement; they’re not taking over your life! Release the past, bless it and let it go – you may feel better than you imagine if you can do that, because there will be more room for a lovely future to flood in.

Best days:  15, 16 Challenging days:  2, 3, 29, 30



January 21 to February 19

This is a splendid month for you to take good care of yourself!  You’ll even feel inspired to do so. You’ve been peddling so fast it has been exhausting on a deep level.  And you also may be feeling somewhat unsupported by those you usually rely on to shore up your confidence. There’s a push from the Inner You to get rid of fears and insecurities that have limited you up to now.  Inner You is getting these old programs out in the open so you can deal with them, banishing the Cosmic Critic that lurks within and calling on your own brilliant creativity to see yourself clearly, and to honor your courage and perspicacity on the road of life that has helped others so often (as well as yourself).  Bringing all this into the open lets you see how much you have within you to give the world! Just remember to start giving to yourself as well, in order to keep the balance.

Best days:  17, 18, 19 Challenging days:  4, 5, 31




February 20 to March 20

This is a mega-emotional month for the whole planet and you, dear Pisces are a raw nerve ending that feels it all!  You’ll need to protect yourself psychically, physically and emotionally from everybody’s mishigas by knowing that this too shall pass – and by taking really good care of yourself this month.  Have fun, meditate, sit under a tree or hug one, take a vacation – whatever you can manage to do to nourish and refresh yourself is for the best.  And you may have to keep reminding yourself, that it’s the world’s mishigas you’re feeling, not your own.  The world’s craziness is just making a pit stop in your consciousness, not intending to annoy forever.  Soooo… be choosy about who you spend time with and pamper yourself every time you get a chance! You really deserve some good and replenishing moments.  Big, good things are coming your way, but you’ll need to practice patience and not let fear interfere. That’s a challenge, my gentle friend, but the payoff will be worth it.

Best days:  20, 21 Challenging days:  6, 7 



March 21 to April 20

July 1st boosted your internal engine, revving it for action, yet you probably still feel mired in molasses!  You’re redefining your plans and reassessing what success really means to you, and that’s a lengthy process.  The Solar Eclipse on July 2 can nudge complex feelings to the surface, but while that’s uncomfortable, it means you’re purging old patterns and energies this month and re-inventing the future.  So here’s my advice: take it easy on yourself in any way you can find. Your To Do list may be as long as your arm, but the truth is you have the strength, judgment and fortitude to win the goal you’ve set for yourself.  You are an inexorable force but you sometimes need to take it easy. Slowing down is actually good for you, even if it isn’t your usual default setting.

You simply need R & R this month, and more patience than you’d like to expend.  Try to find gentle ways to alleviate stress: meditation, nature, time with those you love, the kinds of summer pleasures we all remember from childhood.  Better times are coming soon– they’re just taking their time getting here. (BTW, you are not alone in feeling this pressure – three weeks of Mercury Retrograde, July 7 through 31, is enough to drive anybody to drink or the beach or maybe both!  )

Best days:  22, 23, 24 Challenging days:  8, 9



April 21 to May 21

Your circuits are probably on overload, and you’d like to hide under a rock this month or run away to play.  Please don’t say ‘yes’ to everything people ask of you in July – you need a respite. On the good news side of the ledger, there’s acknowledgement coming from a higher-up in your worksphere and many positive things are brewing behind the scenes.

The Solar Eclipse (July 2) and Lunar Eclipse (July 16) plus a Mercury Retrograde (July 7 to July 31) may make you feel prickly and cranky, but rather than picking a fight, try just being good to yourself!  You’re probably a bit nostalgic right now, so touching base with relatives, pals from the past, or just plain good memories can soothe your psyche and get you through to August, when the world goes to the beach for a month both physically and metaphorically.  When that happens, you can slow down and forgive yourself for just being happy with those you love and not taking on the burdens of the world.

Best days:  25, 26 Challenging days:  10, 11



May 22 – Jun 21

Your legendary confidence is back!  Hooray!  Your mettle may be tested by the eclipses (July 2 and 16) and Mercury Retrograde (July 7-31) but you’ll feel you can handle it with aplomb!  2019 has been full of tests, hasn’t it? But you’ve ridden them out, changed and shifted perspective in the process, and a whole new sense of purpose has grown from it all.  But it hasn’t been a comfortable ride.

So, security and comfort are very important to you now and you must pay attention to those needs.  You want your work to be where your heart is, and all these tests, changes and challenges are actually getting you there, so try to keep reminding yourself that good things are percolating within and without, and they will be manifesting in the next few months.

Best days:  1, 27, 28 Challenging days:  12, 13, 14


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