"...getting older is about liberation"

As HipSilver’s COO, I often think about what HipSilver means to me as a ‘young’ Silver just entering my 3rd chapter, and how our vibrant and vital Founder Gail Bruce inspires our team to embrace life fully, with passion, every single day.  

Earlier this month, Arianna Huffington reflected on her own Silver age journey on the occasion of her 70th birthday.  Her multiple epiphanies particularly resonate with me not only because this is how I feel but also because this is what our HipSilver Community is all about.   I hope you share my pleasure in reading her words: 

“I’m struck by four things. First, by how early I knew what mattered in life. Second, how bad I was at acting on that knowledge. Third, how draining and depleting all my worries and fears were. And fourth, how little those worries and fears turned out to matter.  Now, with 70 almost here during lockdown, I see how much easier it is at 70 than it was at 30 to live the life I always wanted to live. And that, to me, is the real gift of aging. When you don’t think of death as the end — and I never did — getting older is about liberation.”

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