New Year's Eve Traditions That Start the Year Off Right

Let's face it, celebrating New Year's Eve or New Year's Day can be perceived as just another moment, or we can create some exciting little traditions. We enjoy ideas that build practices such as cooking foolproof recipes, wearing different colors, stocking up on sparklers to mark the evening to being nostalgic, and writing down what you'd like to leave behind from the year before. We think living with intention is the best way to go, and some of these ideas create that exact template for us to live by and celebrate! Cheers to 2021! 

Is there even such a thing as being overdressed for New Year's Eve? Bust out your sparkliest holiday outfits! Wear the most ridiculous hat you can find! It's a special occasion, and people tend to go heavy on the festive flair—whatever look you decided to go with, you'll be in good company.

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