Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle


A close friend of mine came over from France to visit. She knew that New York was going to be banning plastic bags. She came armed with this incredible tip on how to recycle single-use plastic bags, which have been banned in New York. Hence, we do is figure out how to use them properly so that they can be reused.

I keep six of these neatly wrapped bags in a small zip lock baggie in my purse when I go to the supermarket. I have a bag to carry my groceries home. I am doing everything I can right now to save the environment. We do not want plastic bags all over the place, so recycling or reusing them keeps them out of the environment. Every small change in the way we think makes a difference to our planet. 

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  • Barbara Ligeti

    When my Mom passed away she had literally a thousand plastic bags folded in this way. She ceased to have use for them going out – but folks would bring in – and she always meant to give away. Brilliantly stored in tiny space because they were so compact. A great tip and a great nostalgia moment about my Mom. xox BLigeti

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