Astrological Insights for Scorpio



RULING PLANET:                      MARS AND PLUTO

ENERGY:                                 FIXED

ELEMENT:                               WATER

SYMBOL:                                 THE SCORPION

STRENGTH:                               PASSION, POWER, INTUITION

SPIRIT:                                    CANNOT BE DEFLECTED FROM ITS PURPOSE


SOUL MESSAGE:                     “I CREATE”

A Few Words about Scorpio

Passion is your essence, Scorpio – no surprise there. It drives you into bed, into intensity, into causes, and sometimes into hot water.

You are Fire of Water in the Tarot deck, the most dynamic and by far the wildest of the water signs. Your strong, steady energy, immense appetites and a longer than average lifespan make you formidable on nearly every level of life. You are like a force of nature – you must be contended with.

There are fascinating contradictions in your nature that sometimes confuse even you, for you can be loyal to the death with those you love, but should they cross you, wounding your emotional self-esteem, you become the most dangerous enemy in the zodiac. In Les Miserables, both Jean Val Jean and Inspector Javert showed characteristics that could easily be Scorpio.

Everybody knows Scorpios are great in bed – passionate, intuitive, wildly full of sexual secrets. What they may not know is how great you can be in anything that requires deep seated intuition, powerful strength in the clinches, and an unwavering determination to meet the goal (whatever that may be!)

You’re profoundly interested in the great mysteries: death, sex, and the workings of the universe, and you’re utterly relentless in your pursuit of what you want to know. Few truly know you, although many may think they do, for much of your true being lies hidden beneath the tidal emotions that ruffle the surface, but run deep as the Atlantic.

Scorpio This November

A new phase of life is opening up for you this month – happily, it’s a more enjoyable one than recent months have provided. Attention is focusing on your career, business and general success in life, so doors may open and you may find advantageous possibilities on the other side of them. Be ready to step through, but you may have to cool your jets until early December, as some of these opportunities could be a bit tardy. After mid-month of November, some of the sticky wickets you’ve had to endure in relationships will fade and your life will probably seem less confusing and more comfortable.

Best days:  6, 7, 8

Challenging days: 23, 24


November 23, to December 21

Jupiter is coming home to your sign this month, to bring optimism, bounty and a boost to everything that’s best in you! This is your month of inspiration and bounty, so prepare to take advantage of every opportunity and enjoy every goody the Universe provides. You can set the stage for opportunities you’ve been dreaming about and as the month ends you may find yourself finally getting these shows on the road.

Use this great opportunity wisely and with responsible forethought please, as they are lovely gifts from the benevolent Universe.

Best days:  9, 10                             Challenging days:  23, 24


December 22 to January 20

You’re emerging from a frustrating holding pattern, and with Venus moving direct, both professional and emotional personal plans can begin to breathe again and move forward. You’ll find more clarity than you’ve had in recent months, when no matter how hard you tried to move things forward, you may have felt an undercurrent of frustration. Clarity is on the horizon, so keep an eye out for opportunities as things are now moving behind the scenes to give you a helping hand.

Best days: 11, 12                       Challenging days:  25, 26 


January 21 to February 19

Do you feel as if a burden has been lifted? You should be noticing that recent contributions you’ve made to your career are being noticed and commented on by those who count. November is a dynamic month for you and opportunities will surface for possibilities you may not have considered before. So, stay alert!

A few loose ends may still need to be tidied up, so its best to proceed prudently into the opportunities of the future, by making sure the past is truly past. Tidying up those loose ends will provide a sense of closure and release that frees your mind and heart for the future.

Best days: 13, 14, 15                 Challenging days:  1, 27, 28


February 20 to March 20

Lucky, happy Jupiter is shining all sorts of blessings on your chart this month. Even though a few won’t come through until December, November brings new options, ideas and opportunities to extend your reach brilliantly. Travel is in the air for you – also travels of the Higher Mind, so inspiration is at your fingertips. Venus directing on the 16th means ventures – especially collaborative ones – that have languished in limbo, are suddenly active and green-lit. You may want take advantage of these energies to focus on a single goal that can now be brought to fruition quickly and with little fuss.

Best days:  16, 17                       Challenging days: 1, 3, 29, 30 


March 21 to April 20

Whoopie! November is your month to complete long-term projects. Just take a step back to gain perspective, reach out to those you trust for helpful feedback and then go for the gold. After the 16th when Venus goes direct after a long time of keeping you adrift, all those pesky mis-understandings, fogginess and confusions will melt away, so you can see clearly what you’ve created.

Reflect on your creations now and visualize your bright future bringing old dreams to fruition. You deserve to reap these rewards – you’ve worked hard for them.

Best days: 18, 19, 20                     Challenging days: 4, 5


April 21 to May 21

Life becomes clearer now as sticking to your professional agenda begins to make good things happen for you. You’ll feel more focused and anxious to get going but near the New Moon on the 7th be sure to listen to feedback from trusted allies and be willing to ditch outdated ideas, as well as problems that no longer apply. The future beckons, with new connections, affiliations and friendships that may prove very helpful, especially around the 27th. You are releasing major blockages, my friend, so don’t be surprised at the emotionality you experience as the old leaves and the new enters.

Best days:  21, 22                           Challenging days:  6, 7, 8


May 22 to June 21

Launch those new plans, dear heart. Mercury retrogrades on the 17th and you know what a bother that is and mid-month you’ll be tempted to scattershot in all directions, so get going right now to get ahead of the curve.

Venus goes direct on the 16th and that will clear any romantic confusions you’ve been dealing with and with cheery Jupiter moving into Sagittarius, you won’t have to waste time on wondering if the world can be dazzled by you. Just accept that you’re a star and just do it, as they say at Nike! Make the most of this month and its energies, before the holiday madness sets in to distract you.

Best days:  23, 24                           Challenging days: 9, 10


June 22 to July 22

You’re so social this month, my sometimes-reclusive friend! Jupiter in Sagittarius revs you up at work and at play. New directions surface, and lovey-dovey Venus turns direct at the bottom of your solar chart so you can resolve old personal issues and relax into a less anxiety-filled future. You can actually reach deep within yourself to ditch the emotional issues that have held you back. You can banish the mean-Judge-within who harps on weaknesses or sorrows, to sap your confidence. You can safely come out of your protective shell and head into real happiness! I know this year has been a difficult journey, but you’re heading into the sunlight now and you simply must let go of the past to embrace the future joy that awaits you.

Best days:  25, 26                           Challenging days:  11, 12 


July 23 to August 23

Your lovely lifestyle, home and hearth that mean so much to you are in the spotlight this month. You’ll feel more secure and others will be looking to you for ideas again, which will brighten your outlook. Life will lighten up and you’ll have a sense that the recent struggles you’ve been wrestling with having been lifted. In best Leo mode, your social life will be seriously on the upswing and you’ll feel so much more like your old Sun-king self again. As negativity leaves and optimism enters your world and your plans, this year’s upcoming holiday season will put you back in the spotlight and let you fully enjoy being there.

Best days:  1, 27, 28                   Challenging days: 13, 14, 15


August 24 to September 23

Let those new concepts bubble up, dear Virgo. This month you’ve got a lot to give the world. Others will notice that, so speak your mind and enjoy the response. Do not hide your light under a barrel now, it is meant to shine and dazzle.

Your stresses are lightening, and your personal life is perking up. Lifestyle changes may be in the wind so embrace them! The Full Moon on the 23rd shines a klieg light on your many accomplishments. If you’re feeling irritated at all the changes you sense folding over you, realize it’s because you didn’t plan them and that kind of shift of control does not usually make you happy. But my advice is to give it all a chance, and this time you may be elated that you did.

Best:  2, 3, 29, 30                       Challenging:  16, 17


September 24 to October 23

Just want to let you know you may have to play the peacemaker role this month, as people could astound you with their capacity for misunderstanding. But, now for the good news: You’re coming out of your hazy fogbank, seeing with greater clarity, feeling more optimistic about plans and the future. You can explore new arrangements and opportunities with delight and expectation of happy outcomes, so don’t be afraid to make changes and moves. You are being guided to a rewarding path, so take a deep breath, follow your golden intuition and reap the rewards.

Best days:  4, 5                           Challenging days:  18, 19, 20

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