Astrological Insights for Virgo / September


August 24 – September 23


Ruling Planet:                      Mercury

Energy:                                  Mutable

Element:                               Earth

Symbol:                                The Virgin

Strength:                              Analytical, dependable willing to serve the Higher Good

Spirit:                                     Feminine, receptive

Keywords:                            Efficiency,  Service

Soul message:                    “I analyze”


Virgo’s September

Lots going on this month, for you, dear Virgo.  A hectic September will shine a brilliant spotlight on entrepreneurship and perhaps even lifestyle change.  Don’t be afraid of the changes – your flexibility and detail-savvy allow you to accomplish a great deal now,  but a lot depends on your willingness to make strides toward the future you weren’t expecting to be confronted with.

Your finances at month’s end may require a bit of attention, but all in all, you have an exciting and potentially liberating month in store.

            Best days:  26, 27                                 Challenging days:  12, 13, 14



September 24 to October 23

Saturn turns direct in a quite personal area of your horoscope on the 13th, when you may be making breakthroughs and striding briskly into the future.  You’ll find yourself able to push over barriers and there’s potential for deep healing this month.   The energies around family may be a little intense and  you may have to recalibrate or reboot some plans near the 22nd, but the odds are with you for a happy outcome on all fronts before the month is done.

Best days: 12, 28, 29               Challenging days:  15, 16



October 24 to November 22

New opportunities abounding for you in September, Scorpio dear.  Lots going on and people nattering at you, which may feel annoying, but not to worry.  The people who are entering the game are important and the addition of their energies can up your own game. The Sun will enter Libra on the 23rd and that will signal a time to take a long, hard look at your options and make some choices.  You can accomplish much at this particular moment in time, so it pays dividends to pay close attention and make astute decisions while the wind is at your back.


Best days:  3, 4, 30                      Challenging days: 17, 18, 19



November 22 to December 22

You’re looking better than ever (and you always look pretty darn good!) and the social invitations are many this month.  Go ahead and enjoy the attention and the distraction – it’s just right for now.  Venus is blessing your chart in the first half of the month and it’s keeping you in the spotlight.  The latter two weeks may toss in an obstacle or two, but they’ll leave valuable learning in their wake, so when you look back on the moth later, you’ll be glad these glitches called your attention to what needed a bit of a course correction.

Best days:  5, 6                           Challenging days:  20, 21



December 23 to January 20

You may not be aware of it quite yet, but your goals are shifting and clarifying.  Forward motion is in gear again and the introspection you’ve been engaged in will pay off in the month to come.  You are actually redesigning your future right now, and after Saturn goes direct in your birth sign on the 13th, you can trust a benevolent Universe to be having your back as you plot a new and better course for the future.

Best days:  7, 8, 9                        Challenging days:  22, 23



January 21 to February 19

Seeking out expert advice in any area that confuses or troubles you can be very beneficial this month.  There are breakthroughs coming both financially and personally, so you want to make the best choices and some wise counsel can’t hurt. You could consider collaborations, too, but with or without them, you’ll have a firm grip on the best path to follow by the end of the month. 

 More good news:  you may find something burdensome that has plagued you from the past, being banished this month and leaving you with a distinct feeling of relief. 

Best days:  10, 11                        Challenging days:  24, 25



February 20 to March 20

The path of the Sun is impacting your relationship angle this month.  You may be tempted to fall in love or you may find yourself reconsidering or reconfiguring a relationship that needs attention.  You’re feeling romantic and dynamic at the moment and more open than usual to entering into new waters or new friendships.  Get ready for a redefining of where you’re headed – in work, in play, in homelife – there could be options on the horizon that will surprise you. 

Best days:  12, 13, 14                   Challenging days:  26,27



March 21 to April 20

Your potential for successful new projects is through the roof.  Saturn has been out of sync with career for a while, but it’s now moving forward and that will let you move forward, too.  You may have felt a bit stymied and frustrated this summer, so let yourself enjoy this newfound freedom.  You’re the most courageous sign of the Zodiac and were born to lead, so go for it now!  Throw yourself into new projects knowing the Stars are on your side!  Just one small caveat:  in your enthusiasm for moving ahead at rocket speed, be a little careful of other people’s feelings at the end of the month, as most of the zodiac can’t operate as swiftly as you do!. 

Best days:  15, 16                    Challenging days:  1, 2, 28, 29



April 21 to May 21

The journey may have felt a bit arduous and uncomfortable for a while, but that’s not in the least true in September!  Your entrepreneurial spirit is re-engaged, your social status is highlighted, your imagination is in high gear and people are noticing your light shining brightly!  You may feel a bit of resistance late in the month, but your stubborn persistence and powerful pragmatism will carry you through rather triumphantly, so just hang in and be yourself...the outcome will most likely be rosy.

Best days:  17, 18, 19                   Challenging days:  3, 4, 30



May 22 – Jun 21

Jupiter in Sagittarius this month hearts up close ties this month.  Home, hearth, family, lifestyle are all impacted.  Pay attention to all this for September and reap the rewards for the rest of the year.  There’s a strong emotional tinge to everything this month and while you’re not generally a homebody, this month your loved ones and you can benefit greatly from your togetherness.  You might need to compromise more than you’d like on the 23rd, but it’s not a big deal if you do, only if you don’t!

Best days:  20, 21                    Challenging days:  5, 6



June 22 to July 22

You can dazzle this month and grab all the attention to promote your dearest plans!  Show that world who you really are, and what you can really do.  Family property and money may need attention at the end of the month, but you can handle it.  For the most part, September is about coming out of your shell and showing the world how much you have to offer and how ready you are to be a star.

Best days:  22, 23                        Challenging days:  7, 8, 9



July 23 to August 24

Your financial chart is really hopping, my friend.  You want more control, more profit, more success and the planets are on your side to go after it and get it.  There are new plans in place in your psyche and it’s your time to shine, so do what makes your heart soar and the rest will follow.  This month you’re golden, and you’ll feel it from the get-go. Nothing fans the flames of a Leo like applause and this is one of those months when you can expect quite a bit of that!

Best:  24, 25                                Challenging:  10, 11


What else do the stars have to say about you?


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