Wearing a mask with style and for safety…

Our HipSilver Curator, Judith Boyd founder of the StyleCrone, is always on the cutting edge of fashionable ideas for Silvers. Judith was recently included in an art exhibit by the whimsical and notable Rebecca Moses called "Stay Home Girls.

The exhibit pieces were astonishing, and our favorite work features Judith in a mask. It highlights the importance of a face-covering and how the facemask is rapidly becoming part of fashion. This idea has taken hold in fashion as we continue to safely open up the quarantined health phases throughout America.

The one item that seems to have become an integral part of the new normal is wearing your mask. Naturally, Judith has her pulse finger on the pulse of designers and ideas of where to find stylish masks such as Brooks LTD, located in her hometown of Denver. We have found news outlets selling them at all price points and fashions from New York Magazine to Vogue Magazine. With the summer months here and the unpredictability of COVID, we are suggesting that you find a mask that you feel comfortable in for a socially distant visit with friends, or dinner this summer.

Stay safe and Stylish Silvers.

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