Giving Tuesday! Our HipSilver Suggestions

Giving Tuesday was created when two organizations, the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation, came together in 2012.  Their intention was to dedicate a day exclusively to celebrate the generosity of giving, a great American tradition.

Our first suggestion: Please give back to your HipSilver Community by simply spreading the word.  It doesn’t cost a penny to forward this Silver Bulletin to a friend or family member and ask them to subscribe!  Please help us support our Mission to connect more Silvers in a trusted peer Community today.

Tied for second and third are two trusted non-profit organizations that support Silvers all over the country with essential services to fight food insecurity and social isolation.  

Meals on Wheels America (MWA)

No list of charities that benefit Silvers would be complete without Meals on Wheels America. With over 5,000 independently run (not government financed) local chapters across the U.S., meals are delivered to anyone who qualifies for a very modest fee.  Today, at least 18% of U.S. seniors have trouble obtaining or preparing the food they need.

Of course, the food, catered to each senior’s dietary requirements (and delivered on the days he or she chooses), is essential to the recipient’s well-being, but MWA’s motto is “More than just a meal.” Having this necessity taken care of may enable the senior to continue living in their own home versus entering a facility, good for both their self-esteem and pocketbook, and good for the community.

Additionally, the social interaction that accompanies the meal is also meaningful, benefiting both the senior and volunteer, helping to further promote that invaluable sense of community.


Shepherd's Centers of America (SCA)

Shepherd’s Centers of America (SCA) was built on the idea of community, and that no one should be excluded from it, regardless of age or health.  Established in 1971, SCA has been providing opportunities to some 160,000 seniors (and their caregivers) every year to live their lives fully so that they, and everyone around them, benefits. They offer a three-part menu:

  1. Adventures in Learning: Through SCA, Silvers – usually taught by peer Silvers – can learn a language, study finance, politics or pretty much anything you can think of.
  2. Adventures in Wellness:  Recognizing that wellness is a complex combination of nutrition, physical activity, mental challenges, health screenings, and a sense of belonging, SCA offers a full range of fitness classes to suit every Silver’s tastes and needs, from chair exercises to Zumba.
  3. Adventures in Volunteering:  Aware that this is an obvious way to give back to your community, SCA promotes volunteerism for its “fringe” benefits, as well. Among other things, it’s fun, you can make friends, add to your repertoire of life experience, and enhance your health on every level. Regardless of how much – or how little – time you can give, you might choose to tutor, serve as a part-time caregiver, provide office support, or any number of activities. Whatever your skill set and interests, SCA values your time, energy, and talent.


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