How to Donate Produce from Your Garden to a Local Food Pantry

We have spent the summer encouraging the Silver Community to grow a garden for health, wellness, and now a way to give back. We have discovered ways to donate the extra summer produce from your home gardens to your local food pantry. It's an exciting way to share your joy of growing vegetables and your commitment to your community. We love sharing a little garden love through Ample Harvest and know that you will appreciate it too!

Ample Harvest hosts a database with over 8,700 registered food pantries across all 50 states. To donate some of your produce, all you have to do is enter your zip code on the website. Then, Ample Harvest will show you a list of registered food pantries in your area that accept donations from gardeners. You can get directions and see drop-off instructions for every pantry in your community.

Note: because fresh produce doesn't keep for long, many have specific days when you can donate your garden goodies, or ask that you contact them ahead of time before bringing fresh produce. 


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