Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy
Episode 3

Since the pandemic hit and the stress of adjusting to a new way of life began damaging my hair and it fell out by the handful, Dr. Jodi LoGerfo has been treating me with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) at the Orentreich Medical Group on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. In this photo I am arriving, hat in hand and loaded with questions, for my third treatment of PRP injections.

When you first get to Orentreich Medical Group, Heather, Dr. Jodi’s assistant photographs and records the changes and differences in your hair to track the growth rate.

They photograph it up close and from all angles.

Dr. Jodi does her initial examination. I am excited because for the first time I can really begin to see a difference. But I am concerned because the ends of my white hair are discolored and yellowish. Jodi explains that the discoloration is the old hair that is still growing out. The hair that is towards the ends is the oldest; what is coming out of  your scalp is the new hair. 
The new hair is whiter and brighter and ever so much stronger. I am a touch disappointed because it is still very fine and thin, but I am reassured that it will continue to get stronger and more sturdy with each treatment.

Heather prepares me for my PRP injections by numbing my scalp and getting it ready to receive the blood that has been drawn from my arm and spun to separate the platelets from the plasma. The process takes about an hour and can be very relaxing. One of my favorite parts is getting the choice of a sedative or nitrous oxide. I always go for the laughing gas. 

Once I am prepared by Heather, Dr. Jodi explains what is happening to my hair. I was quite surprised to find I was regrowing hair in unlikely places like my pubic area, which it turns out is not unusual. Jodi is an advocate of not using the same shampoo every day.

It can help prevent buildup.

Below HipSilver has attached a list of suggested shampoo products you could consider adding to what you are already using.

Dr. Jodi has become a dear friend over the years that she has been looking after my skin and hair. It is always a treat to see her and get her feedback on my progress. I am very excited about my new hair growth and look forward to my next session at the Orentreich Medical Group.

Thank you all for your valuable time and attention.

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