A Cozy Holiday for You and Your Loved Ones 

During the holiday planning and prepping, it's easy to get carried away and forget to take care of oneself. As winter approaches, we are stressing the importance of self care and emphasizing how simple it is to take a few minutes to do so. Treat yourself and share with a loved one our favorite cozy PJ's and wellness products.

Encourage yourself and your friends and family to indulge in a bath or shower using one of our favorite Elizabeth Bloom soaps. Once you're done, moisturize with Maine Street Bee and sip on some tea with their Wildflower Honey while wearing La Cera or Marcello Sport's pajamas Let your mind and body rest this season...

HipSilver Contributor, Angelita Ferro says "Elizabeth is a true believer in the effectiveness of medicinal plants and their properties to aid the body return to a balanced state and maintain that balance in a natural way. Elizabeth’s essential oils are a powerhouse of wellness in a beautiful apothecary bottle."

Maine Street Bee's gift boxes are a great gift to give yourself or anyone who could use a little relaxation in their life. Not only are these products eco-friendly, their main ingredients have incredible benefits to our skin! "The healing properties of beeswax and shea butter work together to alleviate dry and chapped hands, feet, face, and lips."

Each box comes with their essentials: Jar of Honey, 100% Beeswax Honeycomb Patterned Candle, Hand & Body Salve, and Lip Balm and you can choose from the following scents- relaxing Lavender, Rose, or Unscented! 

Learn More about Maine Street Bee Here 


Winter is near and with that comes the excuse to stay cozy and warm at home! Don't be surprised that you'll want to keep your PJs on all day with one of ultra comfortable picks!

For a contemporary look we adore La Cera's Tailored PJ Set and Sleep Shirt. Soft to touch, warming, and made to make you feel like your most comfortable self. Pick your favorite color and style and you'll be set for a cozy evening in. For a more classic nightgown look, La Cera offers a few styles that we love. Each gown is delicate cotton and wearable around the house on those lazy mornings, lined for coverage, and cooler for those who live in warmer cities. Look effortlessly chic during a holiday brunch with your household members!

Marcello sport pajamas are great for the man in your life- whether he likes a more casual or classic style! One thing they do have in common is that they'll never want them to come off!