Gail socially distancing on an editorial shoot for La Cera

Hi HipSilvers,

I would like to introduce you to a wonderful new HipSilver fashion loungewear supplier: La Cera.  I discovered family-owned La Cera at a trade show just before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived.  Once I touched La Cera’s cozy, soft fabric, I couldn’t resist learning more.  The material is primarily Rayon, which is made from natural sources such as wood and agricultural products.  La Cera’s top-grade rayon has the feel and texture of other natural fibers; to me, it feels like a blend of silk and cotton. 

The La Cera team kindly sent me samples right away so we could shoot them in our studio in New York City… then suddenly the whole world came to a halt.  I went into self-isolation in Massachusetts with my family and our HipSilver team began working remotely.  Luckily, I took the La Cera samples with me. 

Our HipSilver photographer, Piyush Thakur, figured out how to shoot me remotely, through FaceTime, in my makeshift studio at home in Massachusetts.  I thought you might enjoy seeing what Piyush had to deal with and the final results below


From the La Cera line, I selected very lightweight stretchy slacks, tops, and a long shift dress that will take that chill off the summer night air – or your air-conditioning!  I fell in love with these absolutely fabulous, soft and cuddly clothes and I believe you will too.  They are so versatile, I bought three pieces for myself.  I predict they will become a “Silver Staple” in HipSilver’s fashion collection.  We look forward to showcasing the full line of La Cera clothing in their fall color palette in early September.

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