Island-Inspired Ginni Shift Dress

One of HipSilver’s Fashion Curators, Claudia Colli Smith, discovered the casual and comfortable fashion brand HIHO while on the island of Tortola, British Virgin Islands. 

Established in 1979, this family-owned team finds design inspiration from “our life in the Caribbean: hitting the beach, surfing, sailing and liming – an island expression that means ‘to relax and hang out’.” 

HipSilver COO Helen MacIsaac hangs out in her garden wearing the Ginni Shift Dress in a truly island-inspired pattern.  Helen loves the feel and drape of HIHO quality linen all summer long.  A devotée of fashionable pieces that never need ironing, Helen knows that her HIHO linen wardrobe will only feel softer over time after an easy machine wash and wrinkle-free after drying on low heat, taking care to remove and hang items before they are completely dry.   Her HipSilver “Silver Staple" is a wonderful dress for any summer party.