Home for the Holidays... Be Prepared this Season with a Statement Outfit and Thoughtful Gift 

You may not be going far this year... The trip from your room to dining table may be short but make it your runway! When we're searching in the marketplace for styles that transcend categories, these looks apply to every ending party when stepping out. We consider them the new Silver classics, framing fashion with a step forward and the ability to wear anytime.

Whether you are dressing up to celebrate the holidays with your family over Zoom or gathering with your Quarancrew, we urge you to dress your best with our favorite winter trends. Style up with shimmer, faux fur, fun prints, and layers! Below are our favorite looks for the season! 

We love this look as it involves three easy pieces for Marcello sport. Their signature Traveler trouser offers just the right amount of fit style and looks to go anywhere you're going. We've paired this look with one of their signature shirts with button details reversible coughs and a button down slim vest. These pieces can take you from a holiday party, getting dressed for a holiday dinner, or just meeting a friend on the street safely for a cheer to the season! 

This Lace Sleevey Wonder is a must have in any Silver wardrobe. When paired with your favorite sleeveless dress or blouse, Sleevey's gives you the confidence to take on the night. Adding texture to your outfit is another easy way to elevate a look. 

A little shimmer and faux goes a long way when it comes to holiday style. Make a statement this year at the dinner table with Pretty Rugged's timeless Faux Fur Vest and La Cera's festive Sequin Shirt

The versatility of cashmere is explored in the Devi collection. The brilliant colors and lightweight of this scarf offers the ability to worn indoors at a party or outdoors with a topcoat. The look is stylish and ready for any evening out. 

Give a gift that is as distinctive as you are! This year, it's all about making the best out of any situation. Enjoy the small moments with your family and present the evenings appetizers and beverages with flair. 

Pretty Rugged's Luxe Faux Fur Wine Holder is perfect for the host in your life and is sure to make you a hit with all your guests.

Our Maple Cheese Board is perfect for serving hors d’oeuvres or a casual lunch. Lightweight and elegant, this popular size beautifully highlights the grain of the wood.

When dinner has ended and it's time to bundle up and watch movies, do so in style and comfort. We are in love with our cozy collection. 

Add texture to your sofa or bedroom with a chunky alpaca throw! Its neutral shades go with virtually every color scheme. Shop Royal Knit Peru here!

Take off your holiday look and throw on this comfortable Marcello Sport Robe! We love this classic plaid pattern for both him or her! 

Pretty Rugged's Faux Fur Lap Blanket is small enough to fit in a little duffel, but just big enough to keep you warm at your for any occasion.  Smores by fire anyone? 

Don't wait til 2021 to start your journey to skin care. Gift yourself or a loved one our favorite wellness products. Fix yourself a bath and use our essential skincare products. Treating yourself can start from home 

The healing properties of beeswax and shea butter work together to alleviate dry and chapped hands, feet, face, and lips. Other uses include the relief and repair of minor burns such as sunburns, blisters, burns caused by radiation treatment, diaper rash, eczema, and psoriasis. Shop Maine Street Bee here!

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