How to Dress for All Occasions with One Dress

At HipSilver, we pondered how to make the best of a single dress. To this end, we enlisted the aid of Diane Pollack of Stylempower fame to show us how to make the most of our HipSilver closets. We felt confident in choosing her due to her 25 years of experience empowering women through organizing their wardrobes and her volunteer work at Bottomless Closet, revamping the looks and outlooks of underprivileged ladies. We offered her a challenge: take our favorite, reversible dress from Eletian and craft as many elaborate outfits as she could for all situations: morning, evening, casual, business, and more. Diane did not disappoint. She mixed and matched the simple, black dress with various HipSilver accessories ranging from Tracy Watts’ hats to Deivi’s necklaces to Jan Michael’s Brooches for results spanning a sea of style. We’re ecstatic to introduce Diane’s skill magnifique to the HipSilver Community.


Business Outfits


Casual Outfits


Dressy Outfits