How Wearing Sunglasses Actually Impacts Your Eyes, According to Science

We are excited that our favorite reader's eyeglass company, Renee's Readers, has created a few stylish glasses to be worn on the beach, pool, the deck, or reading a menu keeping us looking stylish.

Renee's Readers Photochromatic anti-glare lenses enhance vision to reduce eye strain; oversized glasses provide UV protection to your eyes and skin. Her eyeglasses made using premium quality optical-grade plastic lens materials (CR-39). Renee's Reader lenses are ground to precise optical standards to provide you with the most exacting vision. Our use of premium lens coatings and treatments assures that your lenses remain clear throughout the lifetime of the lense. 

We can't say enough about these modern fashion and vison accessories for summer in all strengths shipped to you.

Get your summer reading going Silvers! Click the frame for more information. 

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This Time magazine story delves deeper into the science and benefit of wearing sunglasses here