Spring Style- The Return of Bright Colors & Florals 

Spring is officially here! We are so excited for the warmer weather and the fashion that goes along with it! We are replacing darker colors with brighter and more vibrant hues! Layers are still key during this time as the weather is still fluctuating throughout the day, so pieces such as light ponchos and scarves continue to be our go to! 

This collection of lightweight cashmere silks fabrication and old-world techniques is the right touch of color and weight for year-round dressing.
Meaning women's power, "deivi" focuses on positively impacting women artisans, empowering them with fair wages, sustained incomes, employment, education, and healthcare.

The combination of bright colors, tropical leaf motifs, and warm sleeves make this an ideal dress for the Spring! You can also layer this La Cera 3/4 Sleeve Dress with Dolma's Clutch Poncho for an extra layer of warmth! 

If you prefer to wear solid colors but want to elevate your look with a touch of something fun, the Je T'ame Paint Scarf is perfect! 

Add a pop of color with this Disco Flavor- Ombre Distress Fedora! ChaCha hats are an elegant and custom accessory worth the splurge. 

This Floral Watercolor Abstract Tote was made to be worn around NYC in the Spring! As many women are on the go in the city, this bag is perfect for carrying anything you might need throughout the day. 

We're excited to add this jacket to our Dolma collection- it's light, versatile, and so comfortable! For an easy and chic "On the Go" outfit, we love matching Dolma's Duster Jacket with Elietian Leggings

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