Shine in the New Year! 

Tis the season to wear sequin! New Years Eve is around the corner and we're not letting Quarantine stop us from dressing up. Just because you're staying home doesn't mean you have to wear your PJs (although if you want to, you should!). Throw on your favorite holiday dress and some bold New Year's Eve makeup. Who cares if the only one who sees it is the cat?We've put together our favorite pieces that add a little sparkle into our wardrobe. Make a statement with a shimmery blouse or subtly with silver and gold accessories!

La Cera's Sequin Shirt be worn casually with jeans or dressed up with a skirt and Dolma Clutch Poncho wrap up 2020 looking and feeling your best! 

We really can't get enough of Chanour... When paired with a simple outfit, it takes a look from ordinary to extraordinary! Match their bronze Hand-Crafted Necklace with Leaf Pendant and Long Leaves Earrings to accentuate a neutral colored look. 

New Years Eve tends to be a chilly evening, unless you are so lucky to live in tropical weather! Deivi's Bronze Shimmer Scarf or Silver Shimmer Scarf are lovely additions to anyone's outfit who needs a little extra warmth, it's just a plus that they are stylish! 

Keep the shine on your sleeve with our cuffs that we collaborated with Jan Michaels. Buy a pair, keep one and gift the other to your favorite gal. Where these cuffs to ring in the new year and any day after that! Chose your favorite jewelry items Shop silver 
or Shop brass!