White Hot Hair is year round beauty for your hair...

"I have been a fan of White Hot Hair, and their founder, Jayne Mayled. We have featured her products continuously on our website for two reasons; it is simple to use, and impressive results. We sell the product in a set for your choice with shampoos and conditioners. I use the Brilliant Shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair feeling wonderfully soft and gives my white hair color an almost perfect halo of white," CEO and Founder, Gail Bruce Please click images below to shop the White Hot Hair sets and enjoy!


I strongly believe that not everything we do to look good has to be about looking younger:  For me it’s more about letting yourself loose, feeling confident and having the opportunity to experiment with new clothes and make-up colours. Age and experience is a beautiful thing and embracing my natural grey and white hair has been hugely liberating. This is a message we need to pass on to the next generation - we live in such an image-conscious society, but we need to ensure that our daughters and granddaughters aren’t afraid of growing older and can see the benefits that experience brings,” White Hot Hair Founder, Jayne Mayled.

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