Are You Ready for Spring Gardening?

by Farmers' Almanac Staff

But with the last bit of winter still lingering, you have to be careful not to get ahead of the weather. Fortunately, there are some things you can begin doing now to get a head start and be prepared for a full season of spring gardening.

Make a plan. Decide now what you want to grow this season and design your flower and garden beds accordingly. Remember to take into the consideration the soil, water, and light requirements of each plant. Do a little window-shopping at your local nursery to get ideas and ask advice.

Lawn cleanup. Once the snow has melted and the lawn dries, get outside and pickup fallen limbs and other debris from the yard. Rake up dead grass, twigs, and leaves. Getting rid of this winter rubble will help your lawn get the light and air it needs for healthy grass growth.

Prep lawn equipment. Now is the perfect time to service the lawn mower. Changing the oil and sharpening the mower blades will ensure you are ready once the grass begins growing. Perform necessary maintenance on your weed trimmer, blower, and edger as well. Also be sure to sharpen other bladed gardening tools, such as pruning sheers.

Gardening Continued

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