Changing with Aging

Don Kuhl is one of my very favorite writers. He has wit, imagination, and is so very droll. His new book, Changing with Aging, is an absolute delight.

We all have one thing in common. We're getting older- and that's a good thing. In Changing with Aging, Don Kuhl shares 10 big lessons he has learned through a lifetime of love, courage, and misadventures and his humor will bring smiles to all who read it.

From his unique perspective, Kuhl touches upon themes of gratitude, taking risks, appreciating the ordinary, and remaining open to all possibilities, giving readers a glimpse of living life to its fullest at every age.

His friend, Roy H. Williams, Founder, Wizard Academy and bestselling business author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal had this to say in the Foreword to Don’s book:

“My friend Don has a time machine.
He takes me with him sometimes.
You should come, too!
Every person who rides in Don’s time machine is changed by it.
Each trip through time begins with a series of words.
My friend Don is a storyteller.
Stories of the past help us to know who we are.
Stories of the future help us to see who we can become.
Stories are more effective than facts for changing beliefs and behaviors.
Facts cause us to put our shields up and become skeptical. But when we are absorbed in a
story, we drop our intellectual guard.”

So, drop your guard and have a fun ride.

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Check out Don Kuhl's Sterling Silver page here.

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