Finding a Rhythm

By Helen MacIsaac, COO

Yes, it’s true: I have issues.  Let’s face it, we all do.  I am blessed to have only a few, and one of them is sleep. 

It was not hard for me to slip into a nocturnal schedule during my second weekend of self-quarantine.  Allow me to share how I dug myself out, in case any of you have slipped into one too.

The first trick is simple: not only set an alarm but act on it.  Naturally, it’s easier to respond to your alarm if you have some goals – even tiny ones.   Right now, the Web and our inboxes are full of innumerable lofty and ambitious ideas for how to use this sudden gift of extra time. Just reading them would take too much time. 

I’ve found that setting a routine to reach simple, realistic personal goals and making a promise to myself to follow it, helps immensely.  Let’s not forget we need to be gentle with ourselves during these challenging times and not set ourselves up for failure.

For example:  start the day with a series of stretches, at a minimum, if you are not a devoted exerciser.  Even stretching your calves and wiggling your toes before getting out of bed counts.  Eat breakfast by a certain time.  Hand-write a note to a friend; our postal public servants are still picking up and delivering mail.  Later, if you’re fortunate to have family around, refresh your card game skills.  I loved reviving my poker skills with my spouse recently.   Guess whose side of the table (below) is mine? 😊

If you are working from home, consider being stretched, fed and ready for work as a gift.  I do.  As COO of HipSilver, working with our team, being there to support and motivate them, is a gift – a welcome routine and distraction every day.  

Find a routine that works for you.  I promise it will help you weather this pandemic storm and feel better about staying home to support the common good. 

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