Happy Wellness Wednesday!

Today is a very powerful day; not only is it the Equinox (the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere), but we also have a super full moon tonight making things even more intense. The sun is in willful Aries, and the moon is in harmonious Libra, which is all about getting our needs met. So, what’s our greatest wellness opportunity on this special Wednesday?

Well, the Equinox is all about balance Aries is about taking action, and Libra sends us in the direction of self-care. So, as we transition into this season of renewal, my best suggestion is to take active care of yourself in achieving more balance in your life and health.

Here are some specific tips that you can take to help support a healthy transition into Spring:

  • This season, we move from Kapha (cold and damp) to Pitta (hot and oily) in the Ayurvedic system. So, best balance is achieved by lightening up on the way we eat and favoring cooler and more cleansing foods. Leafy greens will be your best choice.

  • Remember that traditional cultures have thrived by detoxing the liver at this time of year. Dandelion and milk thistle are two liver cleansing herbs, and here are some herbal tea recommendations to enjoy.

  • Epson salt baths and dry skin brushing (with a soft brush or loofah) are other excellent ways to help detox and prepare for Spring.

As the day and night are in perfect balance, what other steps can you take to find that equilibrium in yourself? I invite you to tune in on this powerful day to your own inner wisdom and to indulge yourself in one act or ritual that affirms your own balance.

Happy Spring!

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