Pruning the Tomato plants to boost energy and growth...

"The last time I told you I was gonna show you how to start pruning tomatoes, I feel it makes all of the difference in the fruit's output. They don't have to be, but it's a lot better if they do get pruned, so let's do it," says John Henry

Three top tips covered in this video;

  • Removing the suckers or new unwanted stem growth
  • Clipping the first flowers
  • Trimming the leaves to aerate the plants, keeping them dry, and less susceptible to disease.

Get back in the garden with HipSilver Contributor, John Henry Cox, Actor, Organic Gardener. See the latest video here


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  • Elaine Griffith

    Thanks! that was very clear about the tomato pruning. My tomato growing genius has passed on and I have been trying to keep the garden looking as good as he did…will get out there tomorrow!

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