Relax and Renew in 2021

2021 has arrived, and with that comes the chance to restart, relax, and renew. We encourage you to give yourself small objectives for the new year. Don't overwhelm yourself with big goals, instead vow to take 5 minutes to unwind with yoga or meditate daily with one of Geoffrey Menin's Musical Meditation series, maybe go for a daily 20-minute walk, or even promise yourself to wash your face before bed every night!

Jennifer Gibson is a certified yoga instructor who integrates movement, and a deep understanding of the body into her classes. We love how accessible she makes yoga for Silvers! Kickstart your yoga journey by watching the video below! 

It's no secret that we love athleisure and these looks are great for stretching, brunching, and going on walks. Set attainable fitness goals that improve your day and do so in comfortable style! We love La Cera's Slim Pant, Cap Sleeve T-Shirt, and Long Sleeve Crop Top for an easy sporty look!

We recently chatted with the founder of Internabeauty, Kathleen Grace and she stated the importance of taking care of oneself from within. She recommends eating nutritious and home cooked meals, drinking plenty of water, and getting a full night's rest. She then uses her 4 products to achieve hydrated, healthy, and youthful skin. However, if you are new to skincare, we recommend starting off with her Gentle Cleansing Creme and Nutrient-Rich Replenishing Creme. Once you start an easy routine, we promise it gets easier to keep! 

Read more about Internabeauty and Grace's skincare regimen here!

 Stay hydrated with Contributor Roxanne Duval's Honey Ginger Lemon Tea. Use Maine Street Bee's Honey too, for honey that's sourced organically and sustainably. We have lovely box sets for you from the inside to the outside.  

A man's beard can be an extra moment of individuality and offer a sexy appeal. Still, there's no reason it shouldn't be well-taken care of while providing the furry, fuzzy warm feeling of a substantial clean manicured beard in 2021. We will be heading back into the public sphere in 2021 and share the love of men's grooming with these grooming products.

We can't say enough about the Legacy Shave brothers and their homage to their father every morning. The story of how they created this brand and its unique creme dispensers and their aloe specially formulated shave cream with a companion shave balm that turned us into customers. It gives your facial health that you'll be able to use throughout the year.  Shop here 

Our Seafoam Lavender kit for the man in your life to step up and get grooming. It provides you with just the right amount of relaxation, multiple shave preparations, plus and herbal tea. Take a deep breath while you're trimming your beard for 2021. Shop here

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