Elizabeth Bloom shares with us how love manifests in her work.

Elizabeth Bloom, D.I., Hom; DHM and Founder of “Elizabeth Essentials, has shared a few thoughts and well wishes for HipSilvers this season.

“Since February has become synonymous with love, I’d like to share with you how love manifests in my work with Elizabeth Essentials. Essential oils are live molecules – high-vibration energy conduits. Every EE product takes advantage of those vibrations by empowering them with the highest expression of love and energy.

Every essential oil used is potentized with intention, purpose, and love. ”One, in particular, that has special heart-opening qualities and one of our personal favorites, the SERENE® blend, is perfect for leading with love this Valentine’s: Elizabeth says “When misted on the body or applied to pulse points, SERENE® helps alleviate and balance stress, grief, anxiety, insomnia, and other emotions. It can be spritzed on the face and neck as often as needed throughout the day.” Wow! Sounds revitalizing. Elizabeth even goes so far as to make sure her staff who handles the bottling of the oils are feeling energetically balanced and filled with love so that the intentions going into every bottle remains pure and potentized.

People always tell us with every application of Elizabeth’s blends that there is something extra special about the quality of the product and Elizabeth’s response to this is “That extra little something, the ‘magic’ that they refer to, is in the love and energetic intention that goes into every bottle.” Spread the love and take care of those close to your heart by dabbing their wrist with Elizabeth Essentials SERENE®. Elizabeth and HipSilver are wishing you a very happy Valentine’s Day. May you have an especially happy heart this month (and always).

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