Wellness Wednesday: In Honor of International Women’s Day….

This year’s IWD theme, #BalanceForBetter, is also a delightful reminder about women’s wellness.

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner and the founder of Get Your Juicy Back, I am so aware of the importance of balance for women, especially hormone balance, because hormones are such key factors in our wellbeing.

For women of the Silver Generation, achieving this balance generally involves restoring hormones to healthy postmenopausal levels. Not only does this help with symptoms like hot flashes, dryness, sleep disturbances, memory problems, and premature aging, but it also protects bone and prevents many other health problems.

While hormone replacement can help with symptoms, I consider this to be a last resort. Like many holistic practitioners, I prefer natural approaches, like herbs and essential oils, to help us balance our hormones more safely. For me, BalanceForBetter is an absolute truth, and achieving true balance goes way deeper than simply masking symptoms.

Essential oils have always been a favorite choice of mine, and, in fact, were the remedy that I chose; they were the only ones I needed for my own hot flashes when they happened. So, I was glad to be introduced to the Elizabeth Essentials Hormone Collection, a line of essential oils developed by a fellow Wellness Curator here at HipSilver (and I’m especially glad to learn her formulations also work well for men!) These fragrant oils are a wonderful way to help promote balance.

Another natural remedy that supports hormone and metabolic balance is high-quality CBD, which I’ll be sharing much more about in future posts.

In honor of International Women’s Day, I invite you to celebrate your own personal achievements and to treat yourself to one new BalanceForBetter choice. Whatever that means for you, you deserve it.

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