5 Yoga Poses To Help Alleviate Anxiety

It is 2021, and the expectations of delivering a new you, a slightly modified plan of goals, and trying to be honest with your personal goals can create anxiety for most of us. We like the combination of intentional living that stretches our minds and bodies simultaneously. We have shared the need to be in tune with your body and let your general overall well being fall into place. It is our race to the finish line, Slivers, so take a deep breath and be in the moment a few minutes a day.

Dealing with anxiety can be a hassle. Whether you suffer from a generalized or acute anxiety disorder, it can create feelings of a limited control, low self-esteem, persistent fear, panic, anger, and defeat.

You don't need a class, unique yoga clothes, or athletic wear to perform these poses. All you need is space, dedication, and the fearlessness to implement them. You can do these five asanas whenever you're feeling anxious to help ground you back to the present moment. Be inspired, be free, and be well.
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