Part of HipSilver’s mission is to support the wellness, health, and quality of life of the Silver Age community. That being said, we fully share the concerns about the spreading of viruses at this time. As we aim to provide resources with health benefits to our readers, we first would like to point our community in the direction of the CDC Coronavirus Prevention Guidelines and recommend that they follow their instructions carefully.

    In order to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, please consider important decisions about traveling and attending certain public events. In addition to frequent, thorough hand-washing, the CDC also states that hand sanitizers should exceed 60% alcohol to kill germs effectively.  

    There are also ways to supplement these tried and true CDC guidelines to create the best possible outcome. One of our most trusted methods would be utilizing our ImmuShield™ line from Elizabeth’s Essentials and checking out a few of her personal tips. Elizabeth has excellent homeopathic tips and tools to help sustain a healthy immune system. 


     “I keep my personal Immune System strong by using ImmuShield™ once a day, every day, on the bottoms of my feet. When traveling, I use it twice a day. Three drops on each foot in the morning and again in the evening. If you have been exposed or are “coming down” with something, you would increase the applications to four times per day.”

    “Essential oils are live molecules; they gobble up impurities like little Pac-Men! One spray of ImmuAir™ covers a 600 sq ft area. Use in a diffuser to cover larger or highly populated areas. If out and about, spray onto your chest to breathe as you go. Excellent to help sanitize, too!” 

    Elizabeth’s Essentials line with natural oil ingredients can assist, alongside the Public Health guidelines, to stay virus-free. Not to mention, what a great way to boost your immune system and moisturize your dry hands after washing and sanitizing them as much as we all should today!

    Check out Elizabeth's Profile Here

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