Introduction by Gail Bruce 

    Right away, I knew we women had to steal DANDY & SON away for ourselves to have the ideal "boyfriend shirt" for the Silver Generation.  I had my friends and some of our HipSilver Curators try them on.  Each and every one of them fell in love immediately. 

    Rashid and I approached and asked if women were customers yet, and he got the idea right away.  He sent me a men's sizing chart and a size 40 in pink so we could calibrate the size for women.  Wow, were we excited!  Since the shape of the shirt is fitted, women get the large shirt feel without the extra fabric of the traditional "boyfriend shirt".  It covers all the areas we want to be covered yet is flattering and extremely comfortable with enough room to move.

    After the photoshoot, I took the shirt home to launder it and was knocked out by how it was even better, if possible after I had washed it. Trond had created a gem we now know works for both men and women and you, my Silver Generation friends, are the first to have access to them.

    Dandy & Son is a different kind of clothing line: a small, family-owned clothier brand. They value individualism, creativity, and playfulness, and their main priority is their customers.  They make this promise to you: "we will do everything in our power to make you happy and we’ll never sell a single item of clothing that we wouldn’t be proud to have hanging in our own closet."

    DANDY & SON is selling exclusively online and now has more than 90% of its customers outside Scandinavia, with North America as its main market.

    DANDY & SON is about one thing: great clothes. We’re very proud of the Dandyfit™, and we want you to be as excited about it as we are. We want you to wear the very best clothing that money can buy at a price that anyone can afford. 

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