Amy Goldberg 

Introduction by John Maroney 

Amy reached out through the HipSilver website and LinkedIn to us about contributing to the HipSilver community. Her goal is to activate the programming we are offering from our knowledgable contributors and how it applies to the Silver community.

We're thrilled to have her join us.I look forward to her contributions to live your HipSilver life to the fullest with some help from our peers.

Amy Goldberg 

Amy is the founder of The Amy G Experience; showing you where the opportunities are in life and in business, then making them happen.

 As a writer, producer, wellness expert, international speaker, action & growth strategists, world traveler, entrepreneur, and author of; ‘Be Your Truth’ and ‘And Action,’ Amy believes that one connection can lead to a new experience that can change your life. She also encourages you to embrace the idea that the more you experience in life, the more you have to offer yourself (and others).

 For more than 30+ years Amy has been inspiring and working with professionals, Fortune 500 and start-up companies, rock stars, personalities, and individuals who are on a journey to lead inspired and thriving lives at any age and/or stage of business growth.

 Amy is excited to be serving the HipSilver community by providing you with inspiration, and a unique perspective that engages a collective curiosity and mindset that will have you feeling more motivated, energetic, and interested in exploring the many possibilities this HipSilver community has to offer. She is dedicated to your overall well-being and happiness.