Barbara Ligeti 

Barbara Legiti 

Barbara Ligeti is a multimedia spokesperson, producer, writer, and performer with a parallel career in wellness. She has been trained in pilates, various types of yoga, nutrition, coaching, meditation, and bibliotherapy, the practice of reading and storytelling for the purpose of healing.

In pilates, Ligeti was trained by Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates' muse and “keeper of the flame” once Joseph died in the late 60’s. Ligeti produced a television program and video series entitled ROMANA ON PILATES, THE LEGACY EDITION. In yoga, Ligeti has been certified in various techniques, but her favorite is Kundalini which she has also filmed extensively and promoted for many communities and all ages. She has worked with yoga programs in prisons.

She has been certified in personal and corporate coaching by Columbia University Teachers College. As an undergraduate, she studied theatre and psychology with an emphasis on Dance Therapy and therapeutic writing. She has a nutrition certification from the Integrative Institute of Nutrition and is a member of the AADP, the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Over the years, Ligeti has hosted “destination wellness retreats” in the United States and in Italy, Greece, and New Zealand. She has produced and directed shows on wellness; a favorite is the series GETTER LIVING WITH OZ GARCIA for Steve Case’s Lime Channel.

In 2018 with partner Howard Kern, Ligeti created ShiftPoetry(tm), a program utilizing free-form writing to improve one’s life. Ligeti and Kern host workshops, seminars, and trainings worldwide and have two books coming out later in 2019: ShiftPoetry(tm) Improve Your Life One Stanza at a Time and Walking with Kerry a story of friendship overcoming loss.

Today Ligeti is dedicated to serving the HipSilver community as folks are redefining aging and living out healthy lives with grace.