Soke Grandmaster, Bob Martin

Introduction by Gail Bruce

I wanted to come up with a way to teach people how to defend themselves if they turned a corner and walked into an unexpected situation. I brought it up with my assistant, and she introduced me to Master Bob Martin, the head of Unified Force Martial Arts. I fell in love with his skill at our first meeting; within moments, he taught me three simple tricks to protect myself from aggressors. I’m ecstatic to bring the first part of his wisdom to HipSilver!

Soke Grandmaster
Bob Martin
Founder and Chief
Instructor Unified Force Martial Arts

Over the years, Unified Force schools have empowered people of all types throughout New Jersey. Rather than prioritizing flashy weapons and aerobatics, the program educates their students in practical street fighting to provide protection and confidence in their everyday lives. In August of 2010, the International Bujutsu Society, Kokusai Bujutsu Keesha, certified Unified Force Martial Arts as a Martial Art System and recognized Grand Master Bob Martin as the legitimate Founder or Soke (Head of Family) of the system. Grand Master Martin has been studying martial arts for over 40-years. His first formal training was in the U.S. Army in the early 1970's during the Vietnam War. After his time in service, he advanced to a 9th Dan in his own Unified Force Martial Arts System, a 7th Dan in Zujitsu-Ryu, and a Brown Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

For over 30-years Master Martin worked as a television producer/reporter, covering many crime stories. From this experience, he has designed Women's Self Defense/Self Protection Seminars for major corporations over the past 20 years including NBC, Pain Webber, CNBC, MSNBC, and Reed Travel Group. He has also given instruction to the Hoboken and Park Ridge Police Departments in New Jersey.

Master Martin was one of the founding members of the Zujitsu Federation under Soke Chaka Zulu. He also created the popular Zujitsu training exercise known as Nudging/Joint Manipulation and advanced nudging techniques including Body Substitution Strikes and Locks. In addition, Master Martin teaches Yang style Tai-Chi for health. He continues his Tai Chi studies under Dr. Christopher Viggiano, Shen Wu Dao. He also an instructor of "Mimchi" Qi Gung, under GM Sijo Floyd K. Mims Sr.

He is known for his motto of "WHATEVER WORKS" and teaches the concepts surrounding techniques. This enables the practitioner to create techniques that work for the individual on a practical level.

Master Martin is happy to provide HipSilvers with essential tips for self-defense. He explains how to utilize your opponent’s strength against them alongside the psychological principles of close-quarter engagements. We’re certain his insights will help you in your escapades and ecstatic to bring more tips in the future.


The Hipsilver Team took a road trip to visit Soke Grandmaster Bob Martin in his personal Dojo so we could continue to explore, in detail, some of his expert self defense techniques. Stay tuned as we release new videos in this Hipsilver Self-Defense Series.

For more information about Soke Bob Martin’s Technique or to take classes, send a note to or 201 - 988 - 2374 to speak with Bob Martin.