Cynthia Adler 

Introduction by Gail Bruce 

Cynthia Adler, of the Adler acting family, has been one of my dearest friends for years. She's a brilliant voice actress, playwright, producer, and satirist, working on projects such as: Knightriders, Bananas Is My Business, The Actress, Love, American Style, and more. She’s funny, clever, creative, a wonderful writer, and she makes amazing one-woman performances. She recognizes the pitfalls the Silver Generation goes through and can approach them with a sense of humor. I’m absolutely delighted she’s writing for HipSilver.

Cynthia Adler 

Cynthia Adler is an award winning socio-political satirist. Her nine-character one-woman show, “Downloaded and In Denial,” received rave reviews in New York and across the Northeast. She has been one of the top commercial voice-overs and narrators in America, having worked extensively with HBO, PBS, and The Discovery Channel. She has voiced many cartoon characters and created new voices for the Muppet Shows in London.

As a writer, Cynthia was a contributor to Mad Magazine and has written many commercials for different advertising campaigns. Along with a film that is ready for development, she has written a book of women’s stories and is presently working on a young-adult novel. Cynthia was Co-Chair of the Environment Committee for the Creative Coalition and worked closely with Bobby Kennedy Jr. to improve the quality of the water in New York City.

She is currently on the Board of Energy Vision, an environmental and alternative fuel research organization committed to ending our addiction to oil.