Dr. Danya Reich 

Introduction by Gail Bruce

Dr. Danya Reich has been my friend for 30 years. After she graduated college and traveled the world, she became a producer for my husband Murray. She was one of his very best. But after producing years of TV commercials, serial television, documentaries and business to business films, she decided to leave the production world and become a medical doctor. She wanted to make a difference and give back and she has done so in spades. This is why Dr. Danya was the perfect choice to work with HipSilver creating a continuing series investigating the advances in health and wellness for the Silver Age.

Dr. Danya Reich 

Danya’s path to becoming a physician was an unconventional one. Before becoming a doctor, Danya worked: as a producer for Murray Bruce Productions; as a freelance camera assistant on feature films and commercials; as a documentary associate producer researching and interviewing documentary subjects; and as a staff writer at a health and fitness website. Once she was bit by the medical bug – fed by her intellectual curiosity and her desire to understand things and solve problems – she pivoted towards studying medicine and eventually enrolled at the SUNY Downstate School of Medicine in Brooklyn. She completed her residency in Family Medicine at the Institute for Urban Family Health in Manhattan and is currently a practicing Primary Care Physician in New York City. As a Family Medicine physician, she takes care of patients of all ages and at all life stages. She enjoys connecting with her patients and making the medical world understandable, approachable and less daunting for them.

Since becoming a doctor, lots of friends and family reach out to Danya for medical advice and so she has decided to try something new -- putting her past and current careers together, and stepping out in front of the camera. “It’s a bit scary for me to put myself out there like this,” she says, “but I want to do it in service of this mission - to bring you information that hopefully will be useful and beneficial and will make navigating the medical world a bit easier.” 

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