In Memory of Helen MacIsaac

Introduction by Gail Bruce
Helen MacIsaac came into my life through a very dear friend who recognized I needed help, and this angel named Helen appeared. It was connection at first sight. We were both excited about the future and all its possibilities. Helen grabbed on to the reigns of HipSilver and whipped it into shape. What a time we had. I had the opportunity to watch a pro in action who did it all with gentleness, dignity, and brains.
And then Helen was dialoged with cancer, and the future seemed further on the horizon. What courage and bravery I was privileged to see. Helen went to the spirit world on December 11, 2022 to begin her next adventure. Her cherished husband Eric Kuhn said it all in a loving, heart filled piece he wrote on Helen for The East Hampton Star, where he was a former News Editor. Eric has kindly given HipSilver permission to share it with you.
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