Judith Boyd 

Introduction by Gail Bruce

Judith Boyd is an amazing HipSilver, and we are very excited to introduce you to her and her incredible passion for hats. I had the pleasure of first meeting Judith in Denver, where she lives, while I was attending an American Indian College Fund board meeting. She met me in the hotel lobby where she was causing quite a stir because of her beautiful wardrobe and her matching hat. I was immediately taken with her. She is beyond stylish with an engaging manner, and I knew she would be perfect as a HipSilver curator. Judith will bring to HipSilver the most interesting and exciting hat fashions she has found to date on her world wide travels. 

Judith Boyd

Judith Boyd is an enthusiastic hat lover and wears them all the time. She is a style influencer, model, blogger, writer, and speaker, who always choses a hat to accompany the amazing outfits that she creates from vintage clothing found in antique and consignment shops. She has always been inspired by diversity and individual expression and finds inspiration everywhere.

As Judith says, "I express myself through style, which I see as art. Some people sculpt, some people paint, some people garden, and I just happen to love to compose outfits. I think it’s important to be true to yourself, to be authentic: whatever one’s style is, it is self-expression. I don’t feel - especially when it comes to women - that there should be judgement. I feel that we should appreciate each other and support each other, whatever one’s style. I feel that if you are passionate about style, which is different than fashion - style is how you express fashion - you must follow your heart. And most of all have fun!"

Judith began her career with an advanced degree in psychiatric nursing in emergency settings, where she managed the care of head and spinal cord injuries. She always began choosing her outfits with a hat, as a way to express herself creatively in a professional life, which usually included extremely painful stories told by traumatized people. It was a form of meditation for her as she approached her day, as well as finding a creative and soothing way to move through an emotional environment.

In the 1980’s Judith became the co-owner of a hat shop, escalating her passion for headwear. She later created “Style Crone”, a blog dedicated to the older woman in her most creative, outrageous, powerful, and proud era. Style Crone is an Instagram success with well over 30,000 followers. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Mail, Elle Magazine, CNN, BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, and AARP.

Judith hopes you will join her at HipSilver as she celebrates the journey of aging and shares her passion for vintage and recycled clothing and, of course, her passion for style and creative headwear.