Richard La Plante 

Introduction by John Maroney 

Richard has been a longtime friend of CEO and Founder Gail Bruce. He has been following us, subscribing to our Silver Bulletin and social media channels, and they inspired him to join the HipSilver Community.

It is our pleasure to have Richard join the HipSilver community, sharing video classes and wisdom. 

Richard La Plante 

Richard La Plante is an author and mind/body wellness teacher who has spent his later years proving that life after fifty can be every bit as hip, healthy and sexy as it was in the first half century.His wellness journey has taken him from weight training to yoga, from Pilates to martial arts, including an 18-year sojourn with the Japan Karate Association and finally, with experience and age, he has come full-circle, returning to the essence of all movement, whether of the mind or body… the breath.

His Real Strength method of exercise is simple and accessible, requiring no more equipment than a broomstick. Working from the inside, out; feeding the brain while oxygenating the muscles, enhancing us with an awareness and energy that is timeless as we develop a sustainable mind/body practice, a practice that prolongs the span of our health and the joy with which we live our lives.

Richard is also the author of 14 published and critically acclaimed books, both fiction and non-fiction. As an older father, and divorced after a lengthy marriage, his latest, a memoir titled Lonely Heart, Will Travel, chronicles his late-life journey from loneliness to self-discovery through online dating.Friends and students find him funny and irreverent, and at the same time spiritual and compassionate.

Living in the high desert of Southern California, he looks forward to being a regular contributor to HipSilver, providing our audience with exercise for the mind and body, a bit of reading, and some laughter along the way.