Ellen Sherman and Cynthia Adler are excited to send off another 3 THINGS TO CHANGE YOUR WEEK. 

The second installment of “What do you Want to Be When You Grow Up” finds an unlikely career switch in Georgia. Ever have friends tell you you’re really funny? People told that to Patricia Forehand, a 32-year veteran elementary school teacher all the time. Then one day at an open mike night, a group of friends dared her to go on stage. No one could have expected what followed. Suffice it to say Patty has found a career she thought was totally out of reach.

“Out of reach” could also describe finding the relationship you want. It’s the Holy Grail….much discussed and rarely attainable. But one psychologist provides her unique insight into how you can get what you want.
Looking for something that’s both a provocative and sexy thriller with a dash of the supernatural? Cynthia and Ellen review the British psychological drama BEHIND HER EYES which answers the unusual question, ‘How dangerous an idea is it to befriend your married lover’s gorgeous wife?” Spoiler alert…really dangerous.

Patti Forehand, featured in the Washington Post, taught school kids for 32 years, and then after 50, became a stand-up comic, with a rather unconventional and wild take.  Definitely one thing that can Change Your Week.

Brenda A. Lewis is both a marriage and relationship psychotherapist/counselor and author of “The ABCs of Dating: A Guide to Love and Dating for the Openhearted.” She’s got advice on topics ranging from the circuitous path to finding a relationship to what it really means when you’re “ghosted.”