Ain't no pie in the sky in Coronaville

by Cynthia Adler


We know it’s not gonna happen by itself…And even though this year feels like a Course in Obstacles that we are now being asked to navigate for this most bizarre and intense election, it’s actually very much like the election that is being held this year in the Warbler community. 

These Warbler birds usually migrate to Florida in the winter, and they seem to be very happy with that.  But this year, oddly enough, they have been given a new option.  This year, Rocco Warbler, their leader for the past four years, gave them two choices and wanted them to vote on where they would like to end up.  This option seems like a more democratic move to give the large crew of Warblers a choice if they feel they are tired of the same old, same old Florida beaches.  They trust they have a strong leader in Rocco, but this year, Rocco has another plan.  He has been in touch with some old friends in Georgia that he has been hankering to see for a long time, but just never made the trip.  Sooo…this year, he is giving the migrating Warblers a choice.  He is asking them to Tweet their vote to see if they are brave enough to take on a migration to a new place instead of Florida.  He is pushing the state of Georgia, talking about how there are many more breadcrumbs on the grass there, how the Georgia birds have a better sense of humor than the Floridian ones, (not that he believes it, but he feels it could work on the clueless Warblers…)   So what do they do?  The whole group has to vote.  They don’t have any ballots, but Rocco says “we don’t need ballots,  yourTweets will be counted perfectly.” 

Rocco has no intention of actually listening to the Tweets, so he has picked five Warblers who are part of the team, to count and tally.  These Warbler birds that will be flying in flock, are a very large group.  But they are distracted so much of the time finding worms and eating caterpillars, and quite truthfully most of them just don’t feel like Tweeting.   So most of them just passed on the vote. And so, they’ll end up in Georgia, with nothing much to do at all. Not a great caterpillar population…bored most of the time, and eventually may even lose their passion to migrate back that year.…. And maybe even long after that.

So, where do you want to end up?

We Gotta Vote…We Gotta all Vote like our life depends upon it!

It does.




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