Easter…with egg on my face.

By Cynthia Adler

But if I do nothing, I know that little children will look at me with angry eyes, daring me to ignore their Easter appetite while they think up something really nasty to do to me when I am not looking. “It’s our holiday!!!” they scream. You got yours in February, girlie, so give us some bunny love. I yawn. I say, “didn’t you get enough during Christmas?” They say, “what’s that supposed to mean, huh?? That was four months ago, so what!!”

I really try to ‘get it up’ for Easter. It is, in all it’s glory, a really beautiful tender holiday with bunnies who have not really had the spotlight all year, getting the “Red Carpet” treatment. (I’m not sure anyone is up to eating fried rabbit or bunny stew during this Easter season.) And also, Easter eggs have a very special meaning…they are known as “the ancient symbol of new life.” And if that’s true, where did the Easter Bunny come in? Did he just wander into this rather religious holiday and decide he was going to be the Master of Ceremonies? Did he think, “We bunnies haven’t had a break anywhere…and even though we don’t lay any eggs, we are much cuter than chickens, so if there is going to be a symbol for this holiday, I’m it!” Easter…remember the hats? Flowers all over the brim? Now it’s, “lets get some Easter sundae” jokes and wonderful family Easter dinners and then some time on Netflix chomping on the kids chocolate eggs. It’s a full circle now. And I am thinking of hiding out until the morning light. Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole Parade thing, and wonder where that came from? But Peter Cottentail isn’t marching in that one. It’s an array of hats and spring fashion, passing down Fifth Avenue and other parts of the country saying, “It’s Easter…I’m not sure what that means, but my clothes fit and the weather is lovely…”

Everyone’s got a different take on Easter, but on second thought, I think for this year, for me, I’m not going with Alice down the rabbit hole. I’m going to get a bunch of little baskets filled with yummy chocolate eggs and bunny toys and give them to those kids who will love me forever and then watch the parade on TV, and then move to Italy. Well, it’s a thought. Different things happen on Easter there. Check it out

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