Cynthia Adler is an actress, award-winning Socio-Political Satirist, and top Voice-Over and Narrator. She has played crazy Muppets, cartoon characters, and Animated Feature voices. As an environmental activist, she’s on the Board of Energy Vision. Currently, she’s trying to get her cats to cooperate in filming a TikTok video. No surprise, so far the cats have yet to cooperate.

As a writer and producer, Ellen took a circuitous path to both after a long acting career which included Broadway, several network TV series, and the lead in a highly forgettable avante-garde Mexican horror film. After nine memorable years as a producer at NBC Dateline, Ellen took her confessed gloriously misspent youth and has just completed her first book, CHELSEA CHRONICLES.

Ellen and Cynthia come with very different points of view. Waking with a headache, Cynthia might opt for green tea while Ellen heads for an Advil.  Cynthia works from Woodstock greenery and, whenever possible, Ellen’s near the beach. Cynthia sees the best in people. Ellen’s not so sure. But, in the past year, one thing they agreed on was that their lives…and everyone else’s… needed a jump start.

Change is what they’ve each embraced throughout their careers and lives and during the past year, change, or at least the possibility of things changing, was what kept them going. So… they’re here with a podcast that offers up three things to change the way you think, navigate every day or even watch TV. And while they may give you very different takes on almost everything, they do agree on one thing. Both of them still wonder what they’ll be when they grow up.