Gotta Vote, Man, the Vern, and Vernard follow up Interview for the 2020 vote...

By Cynthia Adler

When we first filmed “Gotta Vote, Man,” four years ago before the election, it was a different political climate at that time.  We just wanted the right candidate to win.  We weren’t thinking about the fact that there were two young twin black rappers, with a blonde of a “certain age.”

Gotta Vote, Man, the Vern, and Vernard's follow up interview for this year's 2020 presidential vote...  


Now, with the Protests, statues coming down, and the power of “Black Lives Matter,” How does this make this video we made even more relevant today?

Vernard Pelage:

I think it’s a plethora of things that have happened which have caused more people to be aware today. And especially after seeing in this country what’s been done with Covid-19.  I’m a black man who has been in predominantly white settings, and I have experienced racism first hand.  It led to a lot of my life decisions.  Unfortunately, if social injustice doesn’t affect a person, they are less likely to take action.

People are now seeing that everything is affecting them.  It’s starting to level the playing field.  Black, White, Yellow, etc. If you want to protest for equality for all, you can still get hit with a rubber bullet!

These protests have brought more awareness, but the real change comes in voting. This video is bi-racial, and promoting that we should all vote or we will all be responsible for the consequences.

Vern Pelage:

For some of the things that we refer to in the video, they are even more relevant today.  More people are supporting these issues because of the movement that is opening people’s eyes.  The more you know about “Black Lives Matter,” you understand how black people are still oppressed in 2020.

Even more relevant is that the Protest has made us all more aware of just how badly we need a new policy.  The message in the video is positive and immediate, and it’s promotion, the only realistic solution to what we are facing today in America.


I am right with Vern and Vernard.  I think we are turning a corner…a most important corner and one whose time has arrived.  So, I do think that our video maybe even more relevant today, and I hope that people who view it now, will feel the same.   Thank you all for taking a look at this…

“You Gotta Vote, Man!”


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  • Wendy Snyder

    It is true! the words ring out loud and clear, how on the line we ALL are with this upcoming election.
    Life and Death…people have been living with this in the news and in their only personal realities for most of the year now…now the question is…will our votes be COUNTED!

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